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Experts in Panama analyze the situation and challenges in the seas of Latin America

Experts in Panama analyze the situation and challenges in the seas of Latin America

Panama City, September 19. From Tuesday in Panama, researchers and professionals associated with marine sciences will analyze the state of Latin American seas as well as the environmental and conservation challenges they face in the region and around the world.

This is the 19th Latin American Oceanographic Conference (Colacmar), organized by the Latin American Association of Oceanographic Researchers – Alicmar, coordinated by the Coiba Scientific Station (Coiba – AIP) in Panama.

The event, held Monday night by Act of Protocol, will run through Friday and will address issues such as coastal ecosystems; Environmental pollution; regional cooperation policies; environmental education; coastal and oceanic processes; Global climate changes and public policies to conserve biodiversity, among others.

The agenda includes a symposium entitled “The Current Status and Conservation of Coral Reefs in Latin America”, led by Physicians Juan José Alvarado of the Center for Research in Oceanography and Lakes (Costa Rica), and Dr. Matteo Leray, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Panama Institute.

Also the main conference “The Challenges of Marine Ecosystems in the Next Decade”, by Dr. Ángel Borjal Azti, Spain, a science and technology center that develops high-impact transformation projects with organizations aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

the role of the polar oceans in the climate system; Sustainable fishing, or coastal management in the context of multiple hazards and threats, will focus other conferences and symposia framing the international conference.

The Latin American Oceanographic Congress – Colacmar is the most important scientific-technical event for marine sciences on the American continent. Organizers said its programs include a display of the latest scientific initiatives and technological innovations. EFE

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