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Los Lagos Science Festival invites you to celebrate knowledge about water

Los Lagos Science Festival invites you to celebrate knowledge about water

With the aim of educating the population about climate change through one of the most sensitive elements in which this global phenomenon is embodied and highlighting production in science, technology, knowledge and innovation in the Los Lagos region, Regional Collaborative Project PAR Explora Los Lagos From Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Invites the community to participate in activities FECI Los Lagos 2022 Science Festival.

The Explora Los Lagos PAR, implemented by the Puerto Montt Campus of the University of Austral de Chile, will carry out this activity between October 4 and 7which will be held at the national level and will return this year to face-to-face confrontation with a program network with multiple scientific publishing activities such as stand up comedyAnd the theatrical workAnd the WorkshopsAnd the ExhibitionsIn addition to Guided visits to laboratoriesAnd the Gardens s Museums from different communities in the area.

“Regeneration and Climate Change: Water” It is this year’s FECI theme. Around, Gabriela Navarro Manzanal, Director of Explora Los Lagos PARcomments that the Los Lagos region is a region that, due to its ecological diversity, is shaped as a scenario suitable for Environmental education, water resource assessment and care From our wetlands, rivers, lakes, etc.

“We are fortunate to coexist in an area dominated by rivers, lakes, peat bogs, wetlands and other ecosystems that allow for a rich ecological diversity. It is this same wealth that drives us at Explora Los Lagos PAR to educate in the field of concern for the environment while at the same time promoting scientific progress and the initiatives that it has developed Institutions, universities, institutes, organizations and institutions in this field,” says Navarro.

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Science Festival 2022 in the Los Lagos District presents a billboard for the activities made up of the programs Performing Arts, Open Doors and Science Festival. In Puerto Montt, the Performing Arts and Science Festival programs will be held. The first consists of the play “dangerous wave” From Discolgados Theater Company on October 5 and 6 at 11 a.m., The Stand Up Comedy “Stop heating” By Catherine Salamanca October 5 and 6 at 7:00 p.m., at the Arena Puerto Montt Event Center.

The flag party While it will have interactive stands of 13 institutionsAnd art galleries, workshops and a music show in those days October 05 and 06 on assumptions Puerto Mont Sandlocated at Egaña #1151.

Meanwhile, the program open doors Thinks about the wide regional spread and alliance with organizations and institutions where between From 4 to 7 October Different Museums, laboratories and parks They will open their doors to the general public and offer guided tours of their facilities free of charge, with prior registration. Open Doors is considering deployment in seven communes in the Los Lagos region with the aim of evaluating the investigation process, the disciplinary expertise of the specialists, as well as the objective relevance that each institution addresses for the sustainable development of the region. And water.

Rocio Pez Rovera, responsible for public science at PAR Explora Los Lagosinvites educational communities, families, students, adults and the general public to learn about, review the program and participate in this space for scientific publishing, which blends various artistic expressions and scientific knowledge developed in the Lake District.

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“We have prepared a diverse program of activities that seek to invite people to engage with science in an educational, entertaining and interactive way that allows us at the same time to reflect on the phenomenon of climate change and promote societal actions that help us understand and always confront this problem from a proactive and ecosystem point of view and to enhance the value of our heritage watery,” says Bess.

The public can learn about the programming of the FECI Los Lagos Science Festival and participate now in the various activities of interest website www.explora.cl/lagos And on social networks at PAR Explora Los Lagos, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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