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Why Artz is the ally of sports and wellness enthusiasts

to level fitnessThere are two kinds of people: those who absolutely love having a file detailed routine And those who, on the contrary, prefer to do activities Different Every day, week or month. However, this can get very complicated, as the Sport club Habit, not knowing what new things to do and other factors, without a doubt, make the sporting life reel. With that in mind, Wellness Ertz To solve and suggest new ways – more than fun – to give it twist To you exercise every day.

Ertz It is a destination where you can enjoy the outdoors, gastronomy, beauty, shopping, wellness, health, entertainment, art, and of course, fitness all in one place. Under this premise, Meeting Corner has devised a series of activities aimed at sports fans.

Wellness Artz as a convenient all-purpose ally.

Courtesy of the brand

What is WellnessArtz?

Exercise is a tool for improvement Health Not only he physical but also My mind. that Ertz understand and therefore release Wellness Ertz. A series of experiments for comfort and the physical health destination visitors. “At Artz, we want our community to maintain that balance, developing skills that allow them to learn and function properly for the benefit of their serenity,” Zawia revealed about this new proposal.

Here you can find a huge range of different activities along with Business partners and fitness studios From the mall, which will enrich this inner knowledge and help balance your body and mind.

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