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The Science and Technology Council of Cordoba has identified five lines of action – News Web

The Science and Technology Council of Cordoba has identified five lines of action – News Web

  • This came during the meeting with representatives of all the institutions that make up the multi-sectoral body.
  • Priority topics were identified for developing the scientific and technological ecosystem and its connection to the local productive social sector.

The first meeting of 2024 of the “Córdoba Provincial Council for Science and Technology” was held in the esteemed Superior Council of the National University of Córdoba.

This multi-sectoral body, composed of the regional government, universities, science and technology centers and institutes based in Córdoba and organizations that bring together the business sector, aims to design public actions and policies, by consensus, to promote science and technology. Technology across the province, with an emphasis on linkages with social and productive sectors.

Representatives of all the institutions that make up the Council participated in this first meeting of 2024, where work took place around five axes that will govern activities during the year.

Specifically, the proposed topics were as follows:

  • Communication and strategic approach to science and technology.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate work directed to the productive sector.
  • Detecting and responding to research and development needs in the productive sector.
  • Science and technology indicators.
  • Regional science and technology law draft.

Each topic was presented by a member of the Council, with the foundations of the topics presented for consideration by the Assembly.

Thus, work plans were agreed upon to move forward by organizing specific schedules for each of them.

At the time of the opening of the activity, Vice-Rector of the National University of Cordoba, Mariela Marchisio, expressed the importance of this council for the local scientific, technological, academic, social and productive system: “In Cordoba we are really accustomed to working interdisciplinary and inter-institutional in aspects related to science and technology,” said Marchisio. Through concrete actions and plans.

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For his part, the Secretary of Science and Technology in the region, Gabriel Raya Tonetti, confirmed the readiness of all institutions to begin activities in the proposed axes, “which are considered strategic and related to the scientific and technological sector of the region and for” effective linking with the social and productive sectors.”


The meeting was coordinated by Gabriel Raya Tonetti, Minister of Science and Technology of Córdoba, under the Ministry of Production, Science and Technological Innovation; With Mariela Marchisio, Vice President of the National University of Cordoba.

They were accompanied by the Dean of the Provincial University of Cordoba (UPC), Julia Oliva Cuneo, the Deans Andrés Aguirre, of the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (UCC) and Luis María Amochastegui, of the University Institute of Biomedical Sciences (IUCB). .

Officials from Blas Pascal University also participated in the work day; UNC Science and Technology; Ciprocor; IUCB. National University of Rio Cuarto; female; University of the 21st Century, National Technological University – San Francisco Regional College, UCC, UNDEF-IUA; CPU; Conisit; IUCBC; UTN FRC; Cordoba Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Industrial Union of Cordoba, and representatives of the Cordoba government.