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The region leads the plan for innovation in marine sciences, with funding of 10 million euros

Minister of the Environment, Mar Menor, Universities and Research, Juan María Vasquez. / Omo

the truth Murcia.

The Region of Murcia leads at the national level the Complementary Plan for Research and Development in Marine Sciences called “ThinkINAzul”, funded with 10 million euros and whose progress was presented yesterday at a conference opened by the Minister of the Environment, Mar Minor, Universities and Research, Juan María Vázquez.

“This is the largest investment ever made in R+D+i in marine science, dedicated to infrastructures, personnel and research projects. This ten million was distributed by the Seneca Foundation, co-financed by the Directorate General of Universities and Research and the “Next Generation” funds, to the beneficiary entities, universities and research centers. Protecting marine ecosystems from climate change and pollution and addressing the challenges of aquaculture, fishing and sustainable tourism is the goal, Vazquez explained. The plan is coordinated by the University of Murcia and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

‘ThinkINAzul’ is an acronym for I+D+i Supplementary Plan in Marine Science, a joint research and innovation strategy in marine sciences promoted by the Ministry of Science in which seven independent communities will work until 2025 to sustainably address the new problem. Challenges in marine and marine monitoring and control, climate change, aquaculture and other sectors of the blue economy.

Shared governance

“This system of joint governance will allow communities to have more coordination, which will certainly lead to greater alignment with international scientific policies,” the consultant stressed. Vasquez highlighted the “important regional ecosystem of R+D+i in marine sciences, with a consortium that brings together the three universities in the region, as well as state and regional institutions such as the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, Center for Soil Sciences and Applied Biology del Segura, Murcian Research Institute Agro-Environmental Development and Marine Center and Marine Technology,” he said.

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