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UJA College of Science will be giving 31 workshops this year in 62 learning centers in Ji’an Province

UJA College of Science will be giving 31 workshops this year in 62 learning centers in Ji’an Province

Jane, January 25 (Europe Press) –

The sixth edition of the UJA School of Science program includes the organization of a total of 31 scientific publishing workshops that will be held in 62 early childhood and primary education centers in the governorate, with the participation of more than a hundred male and female researchers from the United Arab Emirates. Jain University (UJA).

The presentation of this sixth edition of the Faculty of Sciences UJA had interventions by the Rector of the University of Jaén, Juan Gómez, who underlined that it is “a project that has been strengthened in recent years as a means of directing the natural curiosity of boys and girls towards science and technology, in order to stimulate advocacy for the study of science and technology in the youngest Members of the Society “.

Specifically, the UJA School of Science targets students in early childhood and primary education, between the ages of 4 and 12, from the entire Ji’an Province. It is a series of scientific workshops from all branches of knowledge, designed by the research staff of UJA, which will be held directly in the centers you request during the period specified in the invitation.

The aims of this initiative are to awaken scientific vocations in the youngest members of society, through knowledge of the research activity being conducted at UJA; Bringing science and innovation closer to those people with whom they are not in direct contact, especially those schools that, due to their geographical distance, find it difficult to have continuous contact with public research institutions; Fostering interest in science as a professional activity and as a form of human development; And the definition of the importance of science and technology in the creation of wealth and social welfare.

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The workshops will address topics as diverse as biology, archeology, physical activity, engineering, history, astronomy, law, economics, computing, psychology, linguistics, health sciences, mathematics, and languages, and will use interactive communication formats that act as a medium. To bring science closer to students and spark their curiosity.

Since its launch in the 2015-2016 school year, nearly 200 workshops have been delivered with the participation of nearly 11,000 boys and girls from across the county. The Dean of the University of Andalusia thanked the delegation for the development of education and vocational training in the Military Council of Andalusia for their cooperation in announcing the event and the Jaén Provincial Council for the financial support, through the Youth District, for this project, which “there is no doubt” that it contributes to the important task of revitalizing youth activity in our cities.”

The UJA Faculty of Science is part of the Scholarly Dissemination and Innovation Scheme promoted by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i) of the Office of the Vice-President for Communications and Institutional Projection at UJA, which is supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.

Together with the Rector, Regional Youth Deputy of the Provincial Council of Jaén, Pilar Lara Cortés, Responsible for the Educational Organization Department of the Delegation for Educational Development and Vocational Training of the Andalusian Council of Jaén, Esther Santiago Rodríguez, Vice-Chancellor for Communication and Institutional Projection, Eva Morgado, and Director of the Scientific Communications and Publishing Secretariat, Africa Ybra.