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The Red Devils, Gentlemen and Emperors vs. the Yankees in historic victories

The Red Devils, Gentlemen and Emperors vs. the Yankees in historic victories

Beyond the victories against the Yankees, the Hilo Harps have written a historical chapter for sports in Mexico.

Mexico – Family Ukulele Hello Giving baseball fans a few days and a series that will always hold a very special place for the chronicles, stories and documentaries of Mexico's “King of Sports.” The New York Yankees' return south of the US border has exceeded expectations, setting the bar so high for events of this nature that it has earned recognition from one of the most influential organizations in the world of football sports.

Aaron BooneThe Yankees manager has been clear since Sunday's 4-3 loss to the Yankees Red Devils in Mexico Pointing out that everyone should experience a concert of this kind at some point in their lives and that the Scarlet Ninth have done a great job in recent years to bring the game of baseball closer to all generations by not only building a world-class stadium, but also, with the help of their fans, To create an unprecedented atmosphere at sporting events in Mexico, a theme they have also repeated with great success in other parts of the country in the same field.

hobby Red Devils in Mexico He did not allow himself to be “intimidated” by the huge number of New York Yankees fans who gathered at the stadium. Alfredo Harp Stadium Hilo They explained who the locals were, despite the many locals' costumes. Bronx Bombersalthough the hats and flannels are from the other enneagrams of both MLB From Mexican Baseball LeagueWhich makes it clear that the joke was to be part of this glorious history that the owners of the Ninth Capital dreamed of and implemented perfectly.

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Names like Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano, Trevor Bauer, and Aaron Boone stole the spotlight and headlines, but this series is among the… yankees And Devils It has gone beyond what happened on the diamond — not to mention the sweep of the Manhattan Mules — but this sporting confrontation between the most successful teams in its respective league sent a clear message that baseball in Mexico, with the environment in the stands, is at the level of play and in the managers' efforts to attract More fans of the sport, we couldn't have a better moment.

the Red Devils They were a model host for yankees By displaying the flag and visiting the colors in the parks, and playing one of the famous “Manhattan Mules” songs on the speakers like Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” but despite these amazing details, neither of them intended to let the historical franchise that includes 27 World Series champions are ruling the party.