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The reasons for the tie between America and Pumas in the 16th round

Villa FerdinandReading: 3 minutes.

Jorge Pietrasanta: “A great fanfare reached America and Chivas to reach J17 with the same points”

The Futbol Picante table analyzes whether América and Chivas really played a similar role in Clausura 2023.

An intense classic capital that featured ejections, penalties and misses in the creamy blue offense that decided the outcome

America Saved a draw against cougars In another edition of Classico Capitalino. The blue-cream team took advantage of a penalty kick to redeem a point and thus continue in second place, while the Oriazoles continue in the playoffs and will risk their lives on the last day against Monterrey.

The tie was a result of cream-colored misses, a penalty for a defensive foul and a lack of Anthony Muhammad On the bench in auriazul, where “Turk” was sent off before the end of the first part, due to a discussion with the fourth official, Eduardo Galván.

then in ESPN We give you reasons to tie in between America And cougars In the classic capital.

An intense classic capital that featured dismissals, penalties and offense misses in the cream blue that decided the outcome.Imago 7

“Al-Turki” was reprimanded by the refereeing committee on several occasions, which cost him the red card before the end of the first half. With him on the bench, it could have been different at Estadio Azteca.

Mohamed got into an argument with Eduardo Galván, the fourth official of the game, who asked Cesar Ramos, the main whistleblower, to send off the center strategist. cougarswho immediately showed him the red card.

Punishment for America

Diogo de Oliveira missed Sebastian Caceres, which had a direct impact on the outcome, when the Brazilian committed a foul in the penalty area against defender Azulcrema, who was supporting the goal of Julio Gonzalez. The central defender did not hesitate to score the maximum penalty kick. So, Henry Martin He confirmed his good moment and scored the equalizing goal. The Azulcrema striker has scored in all three El Clásicos of this tournament, having scored against Chivas in Nacional, and Cruz Azul in Joven.

America’s shortcomings

At the end of the match, Águilas turned to the front and they could not level the score in their favour, which is that Fernando Ortiz’s side could not decide actions in their favor, especially that of Federico Viñas, who missed a one-hand in the area of ​​Julio Gonzalez.

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