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El Consejo Provincial de las Ciencias Sociales en Camagüey, a propuesta de la Delegación territorial del Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente, decidió instituir el otorgamiento de un Premio Provincial Anual de las Ciencias Sociales y Humanísticas Por la obra de la Vida.

The Provincial Prize for Social and Human Sciences will be awarded in Camaguey

Camaguey, Jan. 26 (ACN) Regional Council of Social Sciences in Camagueybased on a proposal from the regional delegation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, decided to establish grants District Annual Social and Human Sciences Award for Life Work.

This recognition, announced at a meeting of this Council, will stimulate active researchers, both experienced and young with notable contributions in terms of promoting and delivering results in this field, and will bear the name Enrique José Varona, in honor of distinguished people. An intellectual from Camaguey, announced Jorge Ferranes Salinas at a press conference, at the head of the aforementioned council in Camaguey.

This award will be awarded in October, near the Day of Cuban Culture, to persons residing in the province and based on proposals from institutions and professional associations, after evaluation by a jury made up of no less than five specialists with recognized prestige, he explained.

The appointment revitalized the face-to-face meetings of the Social and Human Sciences District Council of Camaguey, which have not been held since October 2020, and on this occasion they assessed the positive and negative aspects of his work, among finally the need to create spaces for exchange between sociologists and decision-makers.

Another challenge relates to the need to make the social sciences more visible and that specialists have a more serious involvement in solving district problems, since experts in the sector are often consulted after the problem exists. And not during the process of conceiving a decision to adopt, appreciates Ferris Salinas, Ph.D.

As part of the meeting conventions, the creation of a class to motivate young researchers under the age of 35, with outcomes related to the field of social sciences and humanities, also stands out.

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Since there are not enough spaces where sociologists can mingle and discuss from different approaches according to their disciplines on specific issues that the territory has to solve, a scientific conference called Camagüey: Strategy for Economic and Social Development, remains and perspectives.

The event, scheduled for October 17-20 this year, will address the most important episodic process taking place in the country, the modernization of the Cuban economy, Professor of the University of Camaguey Ignacio Agramonte Luinas, Jorge Ferranes, stated. A social model that has a significant impact on society.

today ruralAnd Which will include committees for students, will be preceded by sessions in the municipalities, between 19 and 30 September.

The Regional Council for Social and Human Sciences is an element of integrator and advisor, the task of which is to promote a system of counseling and decision-oriented influences in solving problems affecting Camagüey society, using the tools of R + D + i-projects, diagnoses, forecasts and prospects and with the participation of scientific potential in this branch.