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The Peruvian national team rejects Bolivia's invitation to play in La Paz  Copa America 2024

The Peruvian national team rejects Bolivia's invitation to play in La Paz Copa America 2024

The National Football Federation was running the upcoming friendly matches in Peru before the Copa America, knowing that Jorge Fossati wanted the Bicolor team to compete in this tournament.

The Peruvian national team can refuse a friendly match. | Photo: Luis Jimenez/Libero

The Peruvian national team is in negotiations for its last friendly matches in preparation for the 2024 Copa America. However, LÍBERO was able to find out that 'Red and whiteHe decided to decline the delegation's invitation to play as a visitor.

In reality, Bolivia He recently suggested him to Jorge Fossati's team so he could play in La Paz. However, the national team intends to play its preparatory matches in the country United States and LimaTherefore, this offer will be rejected.

Photo: Luis Jimenez/Libero.

At the moment, it has not been confirmed whether or not Peru will eventually face off Bolivia and Venezuela, one of his potential competitors. However, in any case, we will be seeking to include competitors for the national team before the international competition in June.

How did the Peruvian national team reach Copa America?

The Peruvian team recently started a new operation under the technical direction of Jorge Fossati. After the departure of Juan Reynoso, the Uruguayan coach started his period as coach of the national team well.

In fact, Peru recently managed to win the two friendliest matches in FIFA history against them Nicaragua (2-0) and dominican republic (4-1). However, both the coach and the players indicated that they still need to improve to be able to reach the 2024 Copa America “in good form”.

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