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Brandon Lowe's grand slam sets up the Tampa Bay Rays

Brandon Lowe's grand slam sets up the Tampa Bay Rays

2024 season Major League Baseball (MLB) The game only started two days ago and is already showing great emotion, like the Cubans' home runs Yandy Diaz, Adulis Garcia And Lord Gurriel.

However, none of those events that happened at home happened opening day They went with full pads. But it didn't take long to see the first Major Slams From the current campaign MLB.

This was Friday, March 29, at the meeting that was measured for the second time during the year to Toronto Blue Jays And Tampa Bay Rays in it Tropicana field. There, one of the Cubans present at the meeting was able to be the hero of the event.

The Tampa Bay Rays were impressed by Dantesk's hitting

The match seemed 1×0 in favor of the Canadian team thanks to a solitary home victory George Springer At the top of the third chapter. However, this advantage was short-lived, after the opening match Toronto's Chris Bassett, It's going to get complicated and load the bases with no outs on the board. One of those who managed to reach first base was Cuban Yandy Diazwho got a ticket.

But whoever wore the mantle of a hero that day was… Brandon LoweWhich was not affected at all by context pressure. Facing the already uncontrolled BassettWaiter took advantage of a 90 mph 1-1 cut, which stayed in position to send the ball 444 feet across the middle of the field.

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This seemed like a hit Louie At 111 mph, that was enough for them to score Ben Rortveit, Jose Caballero And Yandy Diaz. from here, Tampa Bay Rays 1 x 4 lead in the third period.

while, Louie I was able to get into the big story of the 2024 campaign MLB With him Major SlamsWhile it's nothing exceptional, it's the fourth he's reached in his career.

Below you can enjoy the video of the hit: