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"The Passage" by Tigres will play the final match with Toluca Mediotempo

“The Passage” by Tigres will play the final match with Toluca Mediotempo

The Opening 2022 There is no end to it Toluca s Pachuca Facing each other in the competition final, two teams winning short tournaments, with different formulas and with each other demons Having five previous dynasties on their campus, three of them had not entered into plans in the current era.

Scarlet seek their Address No. 11After barely paying fine for last summer landing in the first half of Ignatius Imprez.

Players with a past in tigers they were Leonardo FernandezAnd the Carlos GonzalezAnd the Jordan SierraAnd the Jorge Torres Nile s Fernando Navarroalthough these latter two were not in the era that Miguel Herrera is ordering now.

Leo Fernandez s Jordan Sierra they arrived in Toluca For Clausura 2022, although the context is different after going through a schedule UANLwhere Uruguay created a lot of expectations, but he was not able to prove himself as a beginner.

The cement mortar Arrived in Mexico for 2020 closing With the Devils, where he starred with eight goals in 10 matches, and later played in them tigers For The Guardians 2020 with Ricardo FerrettiBut he barely started 11 of the 21 matches he played.

with Michael Herrera As for the 2021 opening, one would think the theme would be different, but right away louse announce it He did not enter his game system And sold after six months. Now it is an important part with ambries Six goals this semester.

“I don’t know if he kills giants, but I’m happy to be a hero. Topic Getting America out wasn’t easy at all. I don’t consider myself a giant killerBut it’s a hardworking team.” Leo About the elimination of America in the semi-finals.

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When asked before half timeAbout the difference between being now with Toluca and not in tigershe pointed out, “It is about continuity and minutes. In tigers it was hard to get minutes I already hit him one because you can’t be 100 percent either and that’s hard because coming without a complicated rhythm in MX . LeagueBut more than anything else it is the subject of the minutes and the issue on the pitch.”

saw Didn’t make plans Smith In Apertura 2021 he did not play any matches after his separation last summer He did not want to sign with Mazatlan. With choriceros he now has 24 start games of 33 disputed.

Charlie He barely arrived this summer in the lands of Mexiquense after visiting the Auriazules in which Things didn’t go well for him With only 11 goals in three tournaments and they decided to sell him to make room for him Jordi Caicedo In the form, since ambries He wanted to take her with him when he met him during his time in Necaxa.

Nile Towers Reached the Crimson Team for Guard1anes 2021 after The contract was not renewed with university students. Currently Searching for his sixth title in his career after winning five with Sultana del Norte (opening 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017 and closing 2019).

Fernando Navarro It’s already been 10 years since he left tigerswhere he was from Apertura 2011 to 2012, when he was young, but had a bad time despite being champion in his first championship, since then It has not been considered by Tucawhich in just one year witnessed excitement in 12 matches.

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