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The Owners Association would regain control of the Mexican National Team and the television stations would lose interference

According to information from David Faitelson that he will develop in Futbol Picante, the Liga MX Owners Association will take a relevant role in the appointment of the new coach for Tri

the Owners Association would take back control Mexican national teamin the event that the project prepared by the Mexican Football Federation is approved, they will be the ones who will have the final decision in case there is any move in the national representative.

In the previous administration, at Owners Association Power was taken away from him and he had little say in decisions Mexican national teamUnlike other operations.

Now, with the changes that glimpses, and according to the information that the journalist came from ESPNAnd David FitelsonTelevision stations will stop directly interfering in the national team’s sports issues.

The plan is for the first-division team owners to once again have a decision in the Mexican representative, seeking more transparency in Mexican football.

The decision to name Gerardo “Tata” Martino as Mayor’s strategist was made by the national team committee consisting of Gerardo Torrado, then national team manager, and Guillermo CantĂș, FMF sports director, along with Yon de Luisa, president of the federation.

In the process, Gerardo Martino went on at least one occasion to Owners Associationto demand a reduction in the number of foreigners in Liga MX teams and to help give more minutes to Mexicans.

Also, ‘Tata’ Martino, along with Yon de Luisa, had to submit an annual report, on the progress and how the plan is being implemented Mexican national team which ended in Qatar 2022.

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Management ended with Gerardo “Tata” Martino leaving office on the same day that Tricolor was eliminated from the World Cup and defeated the Mexican representative in the group stage, despite the fact that since 1994 it has been the custom to play the role at least. from 16.

Negotiations must progress with Marcelo BielsaLiga MX club owners will also have a say in this date.