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The lottery player chooses his numbers wrong, but he wins the jackpot and becomes a millionaire

The man says he and his wife will now live less stressed about money.

Photo: Toidi / Shutterstock

An Australian man is now a millionaire after he made a mistake choosing the numbers on his lottery ticketa mistake that turned out to be very profitable.

A resident of the Australian city of Geelong discovered his mistake after accidentally marking his ticket for the game called “Monday & Wednesday Lotto”, with numbers different than those he usually uses, as reported on the Yahoo portal.

The lucky man got the only winning number in the “Monday and Wednesday” lotto drawing 4216, which was drawn on Monday 12 September, with a jackpot of 1 million Australian dollars (about 674,395 USD).

The lottery managed to contact him to inform him of the jackpot, and this is the time The man realized that his mistake had eventually turned into a life-changing blessing.

“I didn’t even check my ticket. I usually religiously check tickets right after the raffle, but for some reason, I didn’t this time. I looked at my ticket and realized I even mistyped the numbers,” the lucky winner said.

They are special numbers and I always use them, but one of the numbers on this ticket was completely wrongHe explained, adding that had he not made the mistake he would not have won.

The man had just finished preparing his lunch when he received a call from a representative of The Lott informing him of his victory. At that point, said the winner, his appetite waned.

Now, he says he and his wife will have less stress about money.

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