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Discomfort in the networks through a video of young people making fun of an employee of a food company

Discomfort in the networks through a video of young people making fun of an employee of a food company

Written by Mark Contreras.- Anger and helplessness caused a video clip circulating on social media, in which two young men provocatively show an employee of a fast food restaurant who was responsible for cleaning the facility.

In the video audio clip shared on various Instagram and Twitter accounts since Saturday morning, it shows how men make fun of the young woman who eased the work floor while a young woman recorded the moment.

In the face of harassment and provocations, the woman was limited to continuing to work, avoiding falling into the field of those who boycotted her.

Unsatisfied with the unpleasant moment, one of the young men decided to stop and walk on the floor that the young woman had recently cleaned, to an apparent provocation.

Network users’ reactions were immediate, describing the employee’s treatment as abusive, and highlighting her degree of patience.

Comparing the young woman’s behavior to that of a psychologist who recently went viral for attacking her husband’s car, actor and comedian Aquiles Correa posted the following message on his Twitter account: “Incredible: a mental health psychologist damages her husband’s car due to a spill of some grease. and janitor, showing emotional forethought before bad birth.

When uploading the video to his Instagram account, user @ElPandadominicano expressed: “I spent years cleaning in New York, thank God it was a phase in my life and I am grateful for this work, he fed me for several years and I identify with the young lady. If he does it to me I will go out to Noria, that’s why The treasury maker let down a man they didn’t, rats.”

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The latest to post the video is humorous content creator TorniCleto, who encouraged his followers to identify people who caused the employee difficulty.