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“The lost jewel”

“The lost jewel”


before signing on ares greece, Luis Palma Offered to more than 30 clubsBut none of them wanted to risk signing a young Honduran player to play for the team La Ceiba life.

Brand diary He revealed an article this Tuesday in which he announced that his agent (Paulo Hernandez) presented him to various clubs around the world, and he received nothing but a positive response from the club. Appear Who signed it for Greek Premier League.

“Just 22 months ago was the time when La Liga and half the world would have lost the jewel that now dazzles Scotland,” part of the article reads in Brand on “Insect”.

Brand Remember that Luis Enrique He became the best in the league Honduras Two years ago, at that time it was time to make the leap to the Old Continent.

“After finding out about it at the Under-17 World Cup in Panama, I actually tried it out by going on loan with an option to buy to Real Monarch in the second match. MultilateralBut after not being executed, the attacker will have to present himself once again in the humble vida in which he was trained.”

In the same vein, they say Paulo Hernandez almost played 40 chapters In leagues such as those of the United States, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria; He also did so in Spain where the club was very interested.

“It was Levante who considered him the most for their second team, but they ended up turning him down like everyone else,” he recalls. Brand.

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Luis Enrique He was offered for “only 250 thousand euros, that is, more than 6 million lempiras, an offer that did not arouse the interest of several teams, but it did arouse the interest of Aris, who ended up signing him and later selling him to Scottish club Celtic for four million euros.” .