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The fan who showed her breasts uncensored in the Qatar 2022 World Cup final appeared on social networks proud of this achievement [Fotos]

The fanatic was covered in the Argentine flag before topless.

Photo: Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

The fan who went viral on social media last Sunday by showing her breasts during the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final She appeared on social networks proud of what she had done And prove that he is fine despite the court Qatari laws.

According to a post he posted on his Instagram account, Noe, what is the name of the passionate Argentinean? He recounted his experience of what it was like to witness the Albiceleste team’s feat And how proud she is of the city she comes from: Ispelita in Quilmes, Argentina.

“And I dedicate this flag to you my friends, family and all the people of Quilmes and Southern District who always support me with such lovely messages and words of expression of their pride and well wishes that I know they do from the bottom of their hearts. My whole life is in Quilmes,” the proud fan wrote.

But in addition to telling him about his experience, She also indicated that she was proud of her celebration because, according to Noe, “the world champion has the right to celebrate as she wants.”in a quote he repeated several times throughout his publications.

That’s why I make it clear Now she will call herself “The Topless Girl”. And that he will continue to do what he loves because that is his way of life.

According to her social media profile, the fan is a fan of travel and has already left postcards in countries like Egypt, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy and many more.

After his birthday celebration went viral, it made him a social media phenomenon and in just 24 hours, he amassed over 50,000 new followers.

Check out the best photos of Nou, the Argentina fan, here:

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