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The Faculty of Science offers 14 professions


The Path to Becoming a Scientist in Uruguay: The Faculty of Sciences offers 14 professions

Two technical degrees and 12 associate degrees that include astronomy, biology, atmospheric sciences, natural resources, and geography, among others.

01.31.2023 15:32

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2023-01-31 T15:32:00-03:00

if it rains or an eclipse occurs; If Lionel Messi scores more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo per game; If there is oil in Uruguay, if there are more storms because of climate change; If the Omicron is more contagious than another type of Covid; Whether advances in genetics can cure diseases. People usually talk and are interested in these topics even without much knowledge. However, this interest can be turned into a profession: the Faculty of Sciences of Republic University offers 14 university and technical degrees in the field of natural and exact sciences for this purpose.

Of the 14 majors, 12 are bachelor’s degrees that last four years. In addition to the most popular degrees in astronomy, human biology, atmospheric sciences, biochemistry, biological sciences, physics, geology, and mathematics, it also offers degrees in statistics, medical physics (physics applied to the medical field), geography, and resources natural. The latter was dictated to Rivera’s headquarters.

With a two-year extension, the School in Montevideo also offers the Technical Degree in Cartography, which aims to train qualified professionals in the management of information from geo-reference systems, remote sensing tools, map creation and regional data analysis. Meanwhile, at the Rivera Campus, it is possible to study the Technician in Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Development (two and a half years), which prepares professionals in the preparation and implementation of development plans and management of natural resources for both public and private orbit.

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More information can be found on each profession, job placement, graduate profile and study plan here.

Registration 2023

Registration for positions in the College of Science will take place between 6th and 24th February 2023. The detailed process for registration can be found