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The College of Environmental and Health Sciences is closer to its building – the latest news | News

The College of Environmental and Health Sciences is closer to your building

Classrooms, Labs and Sectors will open soon for better development of teachers and students. From the College of Environmental and Health Sciences at Kumahu National University we inform you that in the morning hours of Monday, January 30, Dean Anahi Alvarez, accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor of UNU, Professor Paul Osovnekar, Secretary General Dr. Santiago Nunez and Under Secretary of Works and Services Gabriel Nem toured the The works of the building itself, which will be opened in the middle of the 2023 academic year, before the start of the second quarter.

Alvarez emphasized that “we have received an important boost with the progress of this work with the support of the Rector of the University, Dr. Beatriz Gentile, and the efforts of the Secretary General Santiago Núñez in legal and business development, achieving a reactivation of the work. In accordance with the guidelines set by the National Ministry of Public Works. The work is being carried out with a company Construction TECNOBRAS ARGENTINA SA, and in December, by Directorate Resolution No. 0560/22, it was decided to approve the extension of the completion period.

During the tour, the work progress corresponding to the percentage scheduled for implementation in January was presented. With these developments, the dream of our researchers who will have more laboratory space to carry out the executive tasks of development and innovation lines in the field of environment and health, and strategic issues in the national public agenda, is approaching.

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In the central open space of the building, a native plant nursery is planned to be integrated into the Laboratory for the Rehabilitation and Restoration of Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems (LARREA), which is about to become the LARREA Institute for Environmental Health and Environmental Restoration for Dry and Semi-Arid Regions.

FACIAS is a college with strategic functions in Health, Environment, Occupational Safety and Hygiene with high enrollment and graduate numbers. The College is committed to its students in providing spaces for pre-professional teaching and practice classes, which require teaching laboratories and simulated tanks to carry out their practices. It is a dream for educators, researchers, scholars, non-teachers and students to have their own space to continue to progress and grow as Kumahoe National University has been doing in the region for the 50 years since its inception.