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The Faculty of Medical Sciences joins UBA's new headquarters in Salto

The Faculty of Medical Sciences joins UBA's new headquarters in Salto

Starting in 2024, we will work jointly with the municipality.

Medicine jobs

Perform CBC at the municipal university center; Conducting the annual clinical course and training course at the Salto Municipal Hospital.

In addition, the municipality will allocate transportation to residents of Salto who have to travel to attend, after completing the CBC in Salto, the implementation of the biomedical course at the Faculty of Medical Sciences (at the headquarters in the Federal Capital).

To this end, and as a result of this agreement, the College will offer a special academic offer to Salto students which will allow these residents to travel for only two days (transfer via the municipality) to attend the course.

*Information indicating registration dates; The required documents and academic calendar will be published in the following weeks via our social media networks.

– Bachelor's Degree in Nursing – Curriculum Completion Course –

Starting in 2024, a nursing training and modernization course will be developed, targeting nursing technicians working in Salto municipal organizations, as members of health teams, whose main function is focused on the profession, according to the current program at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

This supplementary course is held under the closed course method, with the duration of the school course being two (2) calendar years.

Start of the course: March 2024 Registration period: from 1 to 16 February 2024, at the headquarters of the Municipal University Center located at Moreno 310.

*The documents required for registration will be published on the following social media networks.

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Specialization courses

In addition, starting in 2024, various specialty courses will be offered at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. This information will be expanded later.