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“A protocol should be developed to strengthen CAPS and internal medicine.”

“A protocol should be developed to strengthen CAPS and internal medicine.”

In his first visit to the “Doctor Ramon Carrillo” Central Hospital, Governor Claudio Poggi toured different areas of the largest public medical center in the province, learned how it operates and spoke with the staff.

As soon as he got out of the car that left him at the door of the “Doctor Ramon Carrillo” Central Hospital, Governor Claudio Poggi greeted the neighbors who were entering or leaving the Provincial General Medical Center. Some even asked to take a photo. That image, and people's approach to raising a situation or a personal request, is a scene that was repeated in many of the sectors that the president visited during his first visit to the hospital. “We must develop a care efficiency protocol, establish programs to strengthen primary health care centers (CAPS) and internal medicine and implement administrative oversight,” Buji said about the need for effective coordination between health centers and hospitals. Degree of complexity of the patient's condition.

The governor's statement was based on reading statistical data that he saw on one of the screens in the command center, an area that intensifies the recording and analysis of vital information: that which indicates operations (for example, how many patients are inside (wait minute by minute); Epidemiological surveillance and internal communication. One employee explained that on Thursday the 11th of this month, out of a total of 464 patients on shift, 104 of them did not show up, which slows down the overall care system. The head of the hospital's board of directors, Adolfo Sanchez Leon, added that they have a scale to evaluate the number of patients who went and who could have been treated in CAPS or in a day hospital, because their health problem was not serious or complex. He said that it is common for people to go directly to ” Carrillo,” without first going through the health center closest to their neighborhood, which should be the first place they go.

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“The first thing the governor asked us to do is to change the organizational climate, always apply good treatment. Let people lose their fear, let politics no longer affect health. This change is already noticeable. There is a different climate. The worker agrees with that. And then we kept moving forward.” In its alliances. Reducing the system of shifts and procedures. This is a hospital with billing in mind. It is designed so that the patient, before entering the hospital, meets all the requirements in order to be able to bill. Even for patients who do not have social security benefits and who depend on the ministry, This hospital holds the ministry accountable, which seems meaningless to us, because the budget is the same. Sanchez de Leon said: “Our idea is to give priority to the patient and then issue the bill, because the income must continue to be respected.”

Boggi was accompanied on the tour by the hostess and Minister of Health, Claudia Spagnuolo. The official came from another activity, a working breakfast with health workers in the White Room to improve the citizens' care system, and told Bougie that they had reached good conclusions and that they would start acting on them. Also participating in the tour were members of the hospital's board of directors – Director Sandra Ottaviani, Director Jorge Ostri, Medical Directors Raul Correa and Andrea Lange – and health officials.

After passing by the hospital's reception desk and speaking briefly with some of the patients waiting for treatment, Boggi visited the diagnostic imaging, MRI and CT areas. There he took a few minutes to chat with the specialists, who explained how these studies are conducted and what type of equipment they use.

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He then continued to the emergency department and entered the trauma room (treatment on call). Dr. Laura Lucero told him about the care provided there, the type of patients they receive and how long they stay there.

After passing through the emergency rooms and the guards’ operations room, he entered the internal pharmacy, which one of the employees described as “the heart of the hospital,” through which the medicine everyone needs is dispensed and its services are distributed.

There, Bogie spent several minutes learning about the technology they use, including the four “cabinets,” as the “vaults” are known, for storing medications, each with its own characteristics. He also saw the room where cytostatic preparations were being made.

Then he went up to the inpatient floor (intermediate care). Later, on his way to the command center, he spoke for a few minutes with Santiago Saen, who told him about the care the regional public health team provides for the elderly. “We must repatriate the retirees from the south of the province, who will be taken care of in La Pampa, in Mendoza,” he told the governor. At the door, as he was leaving, some pensioners, PAMI beneficiaries, approached Bougie. The hospital director told them they hope to activate the prosthetic limb bank soon, an initiative they hope will answer one of the biggest needs of the elderly. “It is a serious problem for us, for patients who spend three months or more in the hospital because they cannot get their own prosthetics. The prosthetic bank will provide us with great speed in dealing with patients who have traumatic, cardiac or neurological problems and need different types of Prosthetics or supplies. Promise that your stay will be much shorter.

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Sanchez de Leon stressed that since he took office last December, they have made some changes in order to improve public health. “There are some new managers and we have made some changes in staffing. We will soon sign an agreement with DOSEP, to facilitate procedures for those who are already helped by this social work. We are working to simplify the shift system so that the procedures are less. This takes some time, because there are agreements with Social workers. “The attention of everyone from Pontano who comes here is a priority,” he said.