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Facultad de Ciencias de la Información, reunió a egresadas y egresados

The Faculty of Information Sciences brings together alumni and alumni

Within the framework of the centenary of the university’s independence, the event was held in the college’s facilities in the eastern university district

San Luis Potosi, SLP. – With an emotional celebration, the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi held, within the framework of the centenary of the university’s independence, the meeting of alumni of all generations, an event that took place in the Faculty’s facilities located in the University East area.

The welcome at this meeting came with Dr. Celia Meirelles Cárdenas, Director of the College of Information Sciences, who sent a message to the alumni and alumni community as well as professors and professors of the College, highlighting the work that has been developed over a long period of time. in this academic entity.

He highlighted the importance of information, which is the resource with which we mainly work, “Just as the methods of communication have changed, so have the ways of protecting information, as it is no longer just paper, but how it can be a video or audiotape, electronic documents, among others. other.”

The program included a presentation of outreach activities, continuing education modules, a keynote address, and the University’s centenary celebrations, as well as the already traditional photography of the College’s alumni.

As an essential part of this event, the work of Dr. Rosa María Martínez-Ryder, who belonged to the then first generation of the School of Library Science, and also the first female graduate student, was recognized. Later, she held the position of Director of the Faculty of Information Sciences. She is currently the director of the “Rafael Montejano y Aguiñaga” Historical Documentation Center.

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It should be noted that Dr. Rosa Maria Martinez-Ryder was recently honored by the University Board of Directors H.