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The Amazing Affective Benefits of Swedish Fika Coffee, Spanish Mid-Morning Coffee

The Amazing Affective Benefits of Swedish Fika Coffee, Spanish Mid-Morning Coffee

We love to learn Wellness tips foreigners, especially from Nordic countrieslead the way Happiness thermometer Globalism. Denmark, Finland and Sweden One of the leading exporters of terms related to emotional well-being. The He will comethat “intimate moment” for the Danes, that one Happiness Guru, Mick Wikingmade it an international bestseller Hygge: The happiness of the little things. or the cos The Swedish you’re referring to Well-being produced by human relationships: funny conversation with friendsComfortable stroll with your partnera meal family… inside Sweden Where they have wonderful customs to encourage our welfare. We are talking about VikaThe Swedish pose over a cup of coffee. A social tradition that reminds us a lot of our own A little coffee Spanish mid-morning. Although we did not mention them, our country has many Habits that benefit well-being And happiness: who a nap – ‘With the pajamas, Daddy and the potty’, as Sela used to say- Appetizer.

What is a Swedish fika or a Spanish mid-morning café?

Carlotta Casiraghi prefers to drink her coffee in local company and in good company.Gtres

Well, interrupting work to get out and have a coffee with co-workers. In Sweden , Vika It is a custom that has been practiced since 50 years. It consists of taking a break for a hot drink and, most importantly, In the company of other people. The term comes from the word coffee (in Swedish, coffee) and eaten with a cake sandwich canelpool or toast with cheese. It is practiced in Sweden Vika between the 9 am and 4 pm. In Spain , Mid morning coffee It is usually about 11 hours Although It is not always well seen Within companies, we have many reasons to practice it daily. First: our well-being.

The five emotional benefits of having a mid-morning coffee or practicing Fika

Emmanuel Macron does not forgive his coffee either

Nor does Emmanuel Macron forgive his mid-morning coffee alone in this case.Gtres

Beyond Benefits What does it tell us? Moderate coffee consumptionthe great benefit of this habit is Socialization which he carries with him walking to Contact other people Having a good time chatting is one of the activities that contribute more to our work Happiness and well-being. This is how experts in the world understand it positive psychology Like Tal Ben Shahar. in many Swedish companiesMandatory rest periods have also been put in place under Fika to enhance employee productivity and well-being. Surprisingly, in 2010 prof Grant Thornton Studio I claimed that cinnamon roll country ranked first with workers who less pressure suffer in the world. Hence the amazing benefits Benefits of practicing Fika Or a mid-morning coffee.

  1. Keeps harmful stress at bay. By allowing ourselves to detach for a while from the impulsiveness, self-demanding and energizing relaxation previously We’re walking around some time.
  2. Increase our productivity and creativity. By resting our mind, we allow it to recover: we all need it 15 minutes From being inactive every hour or two of work to feeling rested.
  3. Activate our positive feelings. Talking, laughing and spending time with colleagues, friends or family, in short socializeIt is an essential component of our well-being.
  4. Improve our postural well-being. Spending long hours in the same position affects deterioration and physical exhaustion, but if we go out for coffee, we activate the body.
  5. Finally, the Coffee is good for the brain. This stimulant improves cognitive performance, in part, by blocking the activity of adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, in the brain. Of course, without offense.

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