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The Disciplinary Committee will open an investigation against Paco Ramirez

The Disciplinary Committee will open an investigation against Paco Ramirez

after Paco Ramirez attack Norberto ScoponiAfter the Vuelta semi-final in the MX Expansion League between Celaya and Morelia, Disciplinary Committee announce it An investigation will begin against the Bulls coach.

Another immersed in this investigation is Noé Topetewho else Attacking the technical assistant From Atlético Morelia, a team The Final Final will be played in 2023.

The Disciplinary Committee reports That, based on the provisions of Article 86 of the Penalties Regulationsdetermined to launch an ex officio investigation against Celaya FC, its technical directorMr. Francisco Javier Ramirez Gamez, and his playerNoé Aldair Topete Gutiérrez, on the events that occurred during the match between Celaya and Atlético Morelia.

The case confirmed that once the situation was fully analyzed, it would announce its verdict.

What happened between Ramirez and Scoponi?

After the final whistle, which confirmed the presence of Morelia in the 2023 Clausura Final, Both characters crossed paths on the field And Francisco RamirezYouAfter a few seconds of dialogue, he slapped the Argentine.

The action sparked a fight In which football players from both teams participated, despite the situation do not cross.

One of the other aggressors was Nwe Tobitin which there is a video in which the footballer appears to kick Scoponi, who, as a result of the collision, ends up on the ground.

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