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Goalkeeper futures Jonathan Rogier and Marlon are set to be at Motagua ahead of the 2023 opening


Motagua He continues to work on his planning for the following season, with one of the low points discovered being doing everything that makes up the goal post last year.

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In light of this guidance Motagua He decided to replenish his guard Jonathan Ruger. Two weeks ago, the team extended its agreement for two years (four leagues).

It should be noted that when he played Rogier he was one of the most distinguished in his position and as directed, he won the renewal, and apart from that, he does not hold a foreign position because he is a Honduran citizen.

regarding a topic Marlon LiconaThe 32-year-old also has a one-year contract with the Blue Foundation, so his parting ways will depend on what the coach says, either. Ninrod Medina Or whoever replaces him if the club decides to head him.

instructions Motagua He is very fond of Licona for being one of their most loyal players in recent years, but they will respect whatever the coaching staff decides regarding his future.

What is evident in the feathered team is giving their young ranger a bigger role Enrique Facos (24 years old), who was the team’s main goalkeeper in the reserves and established a good tournament, which will open a place for him in the first division squad.

So far the blue hurricane has confirmed signatures Carlos ArguetaAnd Dennis Melendez And Ricky ZapataIt also tied with defender Luis Vega, who played the last tournament with him marathon.

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