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The decision that Juventus will take and explain the reasons for the result

The decision that Juventus will take and explain the reasons for the result


juventus player, Paul Pogba He tested positive on a new test for testosterone doping in what was an anti-analyte test taken on Thursday after his first positive test on August 20, it has been confirmed. Fabrizio Romano.

After the test result came back positive in the sample taken after the duel against Udinese (August 20) By the first date, the French footballer could be permanently ruled out for between two and four years.

As of now, he has been temporarily suspended but could terminate his contract with Juventus permanently. The 30-year-old now has seven days to submit his defence.

Positive reasons

It is said that Pogba’s positive test result was due to the medication he was given United State. The player was able to access this medication through a friend of his from outside Juventus, and it is assumed that he took it without knowing the consequences that could result from him being subject to anti-doping control.

Pogba’s agent, Rafaela Pimienta, told RMC that his client “never wanted to break any rules.”

The 2018 world champion in Russia with France had informed Juventus doctors, but Juventus was not aware of this. That is why Vecchia Signora will decide how to proceed with his contract from then on Pogba Long-term suspension risks.

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