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“I dream of winning in Colombia, and this is my dream.”

“I dream of winning in Colombia, and this is my dream.”

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The Uruguayan national team coach spoke about the match scheduled for next October 12 in Barranquilla as part of the qualifiers.

Marcelo Bielsa during his time at Athletic Club.
picture: Evie

On the next day of the qualifiers, Uruguay faces a match of attrition: it plays in Barranquilla, at 3:30 p.m., against the Colombian national team.

The match, scheduled for October 12, holds special significance for the Uruguayans, who have already understood how difficult it is to play in the sweltering heat in La Arinosa. They get tired just thinking about it, but their new coach, Marcelo Bielsa, literally stays up late: “I dream of winning in Colombia and that is my dream,” he said in a press conference.

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He added: We will try to ensure that the match with Ecuador allows us, as an immediate and immediate precedent, to overcome the difficulties we faced. (against Colombia) The difficulties are similar to those we faced against Ecuador. We will try to shine, attack, and play in the opponent’s stadium, not speculate, and we can change the difference we have,” he said, referring to the 2-1 defeat and the difficult weather.

Be careful when thinking about obsession with the result: “I always wonder if this (win) has support in building the team and I convince myself of that. In both matches, Uruguay is in a position to dream and compete (…) It is my duty to look for the reasons starting from Al-Qaeda, Uruguay is a team that has a very big contribution: dynamics, movement, rhythm and team connection to build the game. “It depends a lot on movement and then they have technical players to do that,” he added.

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What matters to him, in his life and now the coach of Uruguay, is not to speculate: “There are coaches who have a backup plan and others who do not. This boils down to two things, standing out or speculating. The style or way of playing is what cannot be modified. Defense is no less important than attacking.” And vice versa. Style has other components and is linked to the risks that a football team is willing to take. What a coach cannot do is change it. Promoting a style that requires a lot of games and believing that it changes from one game to another is impossible, because standardizing the style of play has a process. As much as Don’t respect it, it will take longer to determine the style you want to install and you probably won’t be able to achieve it.”