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Alexis Vega and Chicot Calderon will not play again for Chivas

Alexis Vega and Chicot Calderon will not play again for Chivas

Little joke it was expensive Alexis Vega actually Christian Calderon After their meeting in Tolucaas both elements have already been notified of this They will not continue to wear the Chivas jerseyThe heavy hand reached the red and white team.

president Chivas, amore vergara, They were not forgiven for this Lack of disciplineSo Chicot will not be renewed With the Guadalajara Club They will end their contract two months ago. Sources announced that this will be the first to be officially announced outside the club Half the time.

to Calderon His contract expires in December. I was in talks to renew, but then had a problem Tolucawhere next to Vega And the young player Raul Martinez They brought the women to the Focus Hotel, and everything fell apart.

with Vega Everything is still being analyzed, okay Terminate the contract Which has up to December 2024 It is very expensive to ChivasTherefore, they will seek to release him in the next transfer period; While he will train, but will not be taken into account.

The problem with Vega It’s his highest salary, and from there Chivas You will have to Find accommodation Immediately.

The only way out immediately would be through exchangeWell, in June Vega Can Negotiate a pre-contract To leave for free in December, because due to the high cost no one would pay for his letter.

The topics are on the table, you just need to put a check mark, but this will culminate in the race for both items Chivas.

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the guy Martinezthere will only be one Economic sanctions He will continue at the club as he is one of the candidates with a great future.