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¿Dónde y cómo ver, el Superclásico Boca vs. River EN VIVO?

Where can I watch, Boca vs. The river, the lively and lively Super Clasico? | Check the match schedule | the answers

Super day! against. , Boca – River or wherever they prefer, are playing live in the 18th round of the Professional Football League, a match that will allow the rivals of a lifetime to see each other for the second time in 2022 and also to improve both of their positions in the standings. So that you don’t miss any details of this commitment, we leave you with the schedules, where to watch on TV and more details that we’ll see this, September 11th.

even in points, mouth and river They occupy the seventh and sixth positions, respectively, in the Argentine league with 29 units each, and this classic will allow both to benefit and thus approach the first positions, in a way that enables them to fight for the championship title.

River, like Boca, had a somewhat erratic start to the tournament, marked by some Xeneize controversy, such as the fight between Carlos Zambrano and Dario Benedetto. However, both the Boca team and the Millionaire seem to have found the compass and their recent presentations are foreshadowing that this could be a classic, like the ones in the past.

Where to see SUPERCLÁSICO, BOCA VS. River?

For those in the United States and Mexico, the authorized signs to follow Boca vs. The river will be: AFA Play, Fanatiz USA, Vix, (+). But, if for some reason you’re in Argentina or another part of Latin America, you can catch up on events, goals, and plays through ESPN.

Argentina’s timing is game play, Boca – the river?

The match, Boca vs. River Plate is scheduled to play the Argentine Pro League on Sunday, September 11th from 5:00 PM in Argentina. If you are in other countries, the match will be played from:

  1. If you are in Uruguay from 5:00 pm.
  2. If you are in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru from 3:00 pm.
  3. If you are in the United States, Paraguay and Chile from 4:00 pm.
  4. If you are in Spain from 10pm.
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Which airs on TV, classics live, River vs. Mouth?

per Argentina:

  • TNT Sports s ESPN Premium (Television).

In Chile, Colombia and Ecuador:

What are the possible alignments of the river plate and the boka?

Mouth: Agustin Rossi ; Luis Advincula, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, Frank Fabra; Christian Medina, Paul Fernandez, Juan Ramirez; Aaron Molinas Sebastian Villa and Dario Benedetto. DT: Sebastian Battaglia.

HOW TO SEE MOUTH VS. The river is in flow: official links?

  1. Argentina: flow, Telecenter play and DirecTV Go (Football package).
  2. In Spain: AFA Play and Fanatiz.
  3. In the US: AFA Play, Fanatiz USA, Paramount Plus.
  4. In Mexico: AFA Play, Vix, fanatic Star Plus.
  5. In Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay: Star Plus and Vix.

Another classic score, VS River. Mouth

Boca Juniors defeated River Plate in the last classic match played in March 2022 with a goal from Sebastian Villa. The set was played at the Monumental de Nuñez Stadium and now both actors will meet again in the legendary Bombonera. It should be noted that the last three matches played at that stadium ended in a draw.

mouth vs. River: What will the lineups be?

When and where will the SUPERCLÁSICO reserve be kept?

The “Xeneizes” and “Millionaires” will face each other again after nearly 6 months. Let’s remember that the dates for the LPF Reserve Championship go hand in hand with the days of the LPF Division One, but in the opposite direction. In this sense, and considering that Boca Juniors and River Plate will star in the ATP main game in Bombonera, the two reserve teams will play their match on the 18th at the Estadio Monumental de Nunez.