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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences opens the technical course in social communication

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences opens the technical course in social communication

Within this framework, the media talk of the above technical course was held, in the presence of the mayor of the city José Luis Garay, the director of education of the municipality Tapita Jiménez, teachers and administrative staff of the National University of Misiones, this being more opportunity for all those who wish to start a university career in Our municipality is in a public, free, high-quality university with high expectations, considering this challenge a good college of humanities and municipality have to lead a university career, first, it will have the city and I think it is a very interesting opportunity, very important because it is absolutely free and absolutely free race.

In this regard, Carlos da Rosa, Technical Coordinator, spoke exclusively with www.fmloslapachos.com.ar, a member of the Guacurarí News Agency, explaining that “we have 11 extensions throughout the province and one of these extensions is in the municipality, in the city of 2 de Mayo , with a 3 year degree it is completely free, although true there is a significant economic cost here, the economic cost is absorbed by the municipality and the university so that the kids don’t pay anything and the way this profession is dictated is, hybrid classroom, They are virtual face to face.”

Regarding the method, he expressed that “the classes will be taught on Friday and Saturday, Friday afternoon from 4 to 6 pm, Saturday morning from 9 to 11. They will be in the classroom that has been enabled, at Private School No. 39 in Dos de Mayo It is a large classroom, meaning that all health protocols in force at this time will be respected. And those boys who cannot attend that day for various reasons. Well, they will be able to follow the class from the technological devices that have been installed in the area so that everyone can comply in Right time. Well, carry on with the academic path.”

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He added, “It is a fact that needs to be highlighted considering the economic context, yes, we are witnessing that it is difficult and complex. It’s proximity, you don’t have to move from your area and if you have to move, it’s only a couple of days a week.”

Regarding those who can obtain this technical degree, he stated that “there is no age limit, anyone can get it, anyone can get it. You can get this profession even because the law says so, those over 25 can get it. Those without a high school diploma may join the profession if they have to apply.

The procedure must enter the college page. You must complete a form and you are already entered into the race. Then there will be evaluation and settlement and that fellow 25+ may be in the race. An important fact is also that tomorrow, February 25, the prescription is closed, and to do this you have to go to the page that says pre-registration, to the faculty positions, where you have to look for where it says Tecnicatura Dos de Mayo and fill out a form . Nothing more, as we dump personal data. On March 16, college students will head to Dos de Mayo to complete their final registration.

The responsible person in the municipality of dos de Mayo is Tapita Gonzalez, Director of Education. This pre-registration is important, it is important, otherwise the final registration cannot be submitted.

And it is very broad because when we talk about social communication, we always think of journalism and yet journalism is just a branch of the field of communication. So I can become a journalist if I can become a broadcaster, and I can work on radio and television anywhere I want. Today, for example, people are hired to write only for networks. Yes, today people are also appointed to manage networks, for an administrator or for a particular company, if this means that the offer of work available for a social media technician is very wide and it seems to me that this is important because today and today communication goes through absolutely everything. ”

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For pre-registration this is the link: http://inscripcion.fhycs.unam.edu.ar/inscripcion/


Note: Marcelo Aguirre – www.fmloslapachos.com.ar – San Vicente

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