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Routine body-strengthening exercise for those over 40

Routine body-strengthening exercise for those over 40

Over the years, playing sports has become more and more complicated for many people, but in an effort to get back into exercise, some make mistakes that can lead to injuries. men’s health This routine is recommended for people over the age of 40.

combat ropes

The technique is simple: “Stationary legs, straight back, and making waves with ropes through various static movements,” he explains. men’s health About this routine that stands out for its “high calorie-burning ability and upper body strengthening”.

Reverse lunges and squat box jumps

“You need a very stable chest, bench or chair to do these reverse lunges and jump squats. Always come back straight to avoid injuries,” the aforementioned Gateway experts warned.

Push-up supports varying

For this exercise you have to “Keep your feet and table position steady, always marking a straight line. Three chains of 10 to 12 repetitions, it won’t be easy but it is very effective”points men’s health, Which also indicates that this routine is used to work the pecs with triceps.

Push-up with hip rotation and arm lift

“From a plank position, you do a hip rotation and arm raise (with or without dumbbells) where the oblique limbs play a key role in stabilization,” he explains. Men’s health. Athletic training experts recommend doing three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of a good routine.

curls Biceps with varying Z-shaped handles

“This exercise is performed while you are standing, feet shoulder-width apart, back straight, looking straight ahead and ‘playing’ with a loaded Z-bar,” he describes. Men’s health. They also advise starting with a light weight to improve technique, and similarly recommend doing “three series of 21 repetitions, seven with each grip and no rest between each change. Between series, and throughout the routine, a minute to catch your breath”,

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“There comes a time when we realize that we are no longer invincible,” says American Personal Trainer Holly Perkins. In prevention, in the words you collected confidentiality.

“Believe it or not, the body begins to lose strength and stamina after the age of 30, and this deterioration becomes more advanced as the years go by,” Perkins says.

The trainer recommends cardio exercises. The best thing to do is run, dance, row or swim, In addition, the expert advises “performing one of these activities for at least 30 minutes and three to four times a week.”

Research led by psychologists at the University of Pittsburgh has found that exercise helps older adults with episodic memory. Photo: Gettyimages. – Photo: Gettyimages Photo

Perkins recommends dancing, skipping rope, tennis, and interval running.” “Expose the body to successive small doses of greater to less effort to keep both bones and muscles always strong,” The trainer explains how to strengthen the bone structure and thus avoid injuries after 40 years.

From the age of forty you should try to eat as clean as possible For hormone care, i.e. disconnecting manufactured hormones and eating real food that can be seen, smelled, smelled and tasted.” says expert Amalia Banya, journalist specializing in healthTeacher Fitness And yoga, with the words collected by the gate deer.

Panea is also advised in the note shethat a woman can “perform a light fast (with the advice of a nutritionist), for example, 12-15 hours on one day per week”. And not just thinking about losing weight, but about improving the performance of internal organsespecially the digestive system, in increasing your energy level and delaying aging.”

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