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How do you treat urine leaks as a result of light effort?, by the FEMME Unit . Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

How do you treat urine leaks as a result of light effort?, by the FEMME Unit . Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

It is very common for them to appear urine leakage With slight efforts because, over the years, The pelvic floor can be affected in women For various reasons such as weight gain or postpartum.

The TESLA stimulating chair It is a new method of strengthening the pelvic muscles and can be performed in conjunction with intimate rejuvenation treatments. This successful combination of gynecological treatments is enhanced by the Clinic of Integrated Aesthetic Medicine for Women FEMME unitIt is the institute that performs this procedure Worth thousands of kegel exercises It seeks that patients enjoy a better quality of life.

What are the main benefits of treatments?

From the first session, users can notice that there Improvement in symptoms, whether in involuntary dripping of urine or in dryness of the intimate area. The former TESLA chair produces a magnetic field that contracts the pelvic floor and helps control incontinence. For its part, vulvar regeneration, which is performed in combination with the treatment of urine leakage due to light exertion, is carried out using the gynecological cosmetic technique of the Indiba brand and seeks Promotes collagen production and prevents chronic itching that can come with age. Mild enuresis and amenorrhea are topics rarely talked about and the staff of the Femme Clinic, led by Dr Alfonsina Oreborough, is willing to listen to patients in distress and want to find An effective solution to these health conditions.

Turn on the functional electromagnetic alarm

This electronic device consists of high intensity magnetic fields that cause electrical currents in nerve cells. When these currents can enhance the action of these neurons, a signal is released that goes to the motor neuron unit and ends up generating muscle contraction that needs to be stimulated to achieve Effective control of discharge. The treatment is painless, non-surgical, and generally results in results Up to 50,000 muscle contractions. Each session takes about half an hour and appointments or sessions to access this service can be requested through the clinic’s website. In this way, Unidad FEMME is formed as a Aesthetic Medicine Center is committed to the beauty and health of women Mature and modern.

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