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Cobach Sonora promotes the rehabilitation of science laboratories

Cobach Sonora promotes the rehabilitation of science laboratories

Hermosillo, Sonora.Rodrigo Arturo Rosas Burgos said Sonora State Undergraduate College (Copacci) is implementing measures to rehabilitate experimental science laboratories that are no longer in use due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Director General of the sub-system was created as a priority to revitalize the Experimentation and Teaching Centers, to enhance the comprehensive training of students, especially now that face-to-face classes have resumed.


“It is important to restore the experimental areas; we will revitalize the spaces that are no longer used due to the pandemic,” he noted during a tour of various universities where he supervised the conditions in which laboratories and facilities are located in general.

He added that the administration and laboratories staff held various meetings in order to repeat the activities in these experimental centers in the various campuses of the Bachelor’s College in Sonora State.

At the last meeting on February 15, chaired by Cobach Sonora’s academic director, Laura Lorenia Yeomans Reyna, 21 lab workers participated.


Like his predecessors, this one was in charge of Cobach’s Head of Educational Innovation, Hector Manuel Acosta García, Laboratory Equipment Coordinator, Ivan Antonio Cárdenas Muñoz and Experimental Science Coordinator, Nadia Belen López Gámez.

The goal was to introduce the person responsible for the project “Rehabilitation of Experimental Science Laboratories”, Ivan Cardenas Muñoz, who stated that the spaces for experimental work will be restored, in order to have an effective effect on the student body.

Some laboratory technicians have indicated the need for a guide where work strategies are developed according to current health conditions.

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Successful experiences in laboratory work were exchanged, as well as how experiments were carried out outside the center and the need to address the shortage of materials, reagents and equipment.

Participants in the meetings indicated that teamwork among teachers is essential and the student body is positioned as central champions in the educational process.

As an agreement, the need arose to meet with teachers of the Department of Experimental Sciences at all schools in the state, which will be held online on Wednesday, February 23 at 11:00 a.m., as a follow-up.