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The coach of Saba club responds after the resignation of Honduran "Cristiano Ronaldo": "He is looking for his fame"

The coach of Saba club responds after the resignation of Honduran “Cristiano Ronaldo”: “He is looking for his fame”


name of Cristiano Ronaldo Honduras He continues to make an impact on social networks after giving up his dream as a footballer in less than 24 hours after he was introduced to him Saba FC from Liga d’Ascenso.

Roger Alexander Casalingo left this WednesdayThe team to continue its life as a “tik toker” where, according to him, he will generate more economic income by taking advantage of his similarity to Cristiano Ronaldo, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

The decision was taken as irresponsible on the part of the board of directors and the coach, who confirmed that they opened doors to help him. In addition, he was honest that he did not show the football player’s circumstances.

“You have to be honest with these things, she is here for marketing, but it’s not for La Liga de Ascenso, he’s a young boy who has never played in any category, we want to help the youngsters, but undisciplined, it’s not possible,” coach Ramon Reyes Padilla said. In reaction to DIEZ.

He added: “I have not seen any raw material for him as a player, he is a young rookie, we must be clear: he can start playing in the middle league or the major league, but for the promotion league, at the moment it is not possible.”

The truth is that hours later, the creator uploaded a new video in which he said: “All my fans want to see me in football, I still play football, today is renewed again. Honduran Ronaldo returns to Saba club and all this is published.”

The decision to want to return to football must be analyzed by the board of directors, because for his coach, he is outside the team, According to TEN.

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Reality of the team

Sabá FC will compete for the fourth time in a row in promotion ingot Since his promotion in January 2021, he has been relegated to the group stage.

This semester they hope to be heroes in experienced hands Ramon Reyes, led by Bani Lozano, former marathon personality, Platense and Olympia.

“It is not a leading team, it makes sense because the team is new. In the name of Jesus this time he will get it, we want this team to be competitive at the national level. As a coach, we are betting on the championship, but that will be with a lot of effort and work,” concluded Reyes.

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