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The club that Santiago Urminio wants to go to, but must continue in Chivas for the rest of the Clausura 2023: he stays!

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The striker has been very busy days after announcing that he was not part of the rojiblanco strategist’s plans for this campaign.

© Imago 7The club that Santiago Orminio wants to go to, but will have to continue at Chivas for the rest of the Clausura 2023 matches: he will stay!

Santiago Urmeno has had a turbulent week when It was leaked that coach Veljko Paunović had no plans to join FC Guadalajara. For the final tournament 2023, she is the fifth choice in attack, For this reason, the footballer’s representative sought accommodation for him in another team and found the perfect place, according to the attacker’s own perception.

however, The panorama completely changed for Orminio with the unfortunate injury of Alexis Vega that he would be out of circulation for at least six weeks, following a right knee problem he had suffered Last Friday at the Alfonso Lastras Stadium where the sacred flock did not skip the lot without explanations.

And despite the fact that the attacker already had everything calculated to leave Verdi Valley as soon as possible, Now you must accept the near future with all its implications and the uncertainty of the words of a few days ago The Serbian coach told it himself when he tried to explain why he wouldn’t fit into his squad for the rest of the season.

Ormeño has found his ideal team, the Pumas de la UNAM

According to information from a Sancadilla Grupo Reforma column, Santiago Urmeno was very happy with the idea of ​​being part of the auriazul team led by Rafael Puente Jr., But the reality is that his situation with Guadalajara has changed radically and Today, there are great possibilities to be considered in the following days of Clausura 2023.

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Do you like that Ormeño is still in Chivas?

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Santiago Orminio will remain in Chivas and his representative has already stopped looking for accommodation for him. Last week, the striker was more than willing to see if the Pumas coaches agreed. Well, it turns out that Alexis Vega’s injury stopped the moves of Ormeño, who was considering leaving Guadalajara, where he had a bad time. In the end, the Chivas coaching staff spoke with Orminio, because they will always need him because of Vega’s injury.” It was part of what the mysterious figure had posted.

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