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MLB: These are the highest-paid teams in the majors | 123

Exciting contracts have been seen in recent years in the major leagues and there are three teams that stand out from the rest thanks to their impressive salaries.heOr what else makes them have a fearsome roster that will help them compete in the 2023 season.

This list is headed by teams from the “Big Apple”, but it is the megacities that now have the most important roster in the major leagues. The arrival of Justin Verlander has given significant weight to the New York Mets’ payroll, which is roughly $307 million.

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Coming in at number two on this list are mules from the Bronx. The Yankees, according to their history, have great economic power, which has put them second on this list, with $258 million, and now with $40 million that Aaron Judge will have to get with his new contract.

One of the teams that have invested the most in recent seasons has been the San Diego Padres. The California native is third on this list with $237 million in payroll now with the addition of the great Xander Bogaerts contract worth $25+ million per year.

The top 10 teams with the highest payroll are completed by Philadelphia Phillieswho occupy fourth place, then there Los Angeles Dodgerswho have lost some positions in recent years, and then found their own Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels.