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The board of directors who votes to defect

The board of directors who votes to defect

On Friday, April 1, the UNT School of Natural Sciences Board of Directors met, where more than 300 students have applied for an extension of subject regularity to be able to pursue a career path in the schedules. An extension of the academic year has also been called for in order to maintain annual regularity and to maintain access to scholarships and student tickets (which are very limited and require this exclusive requirement) and finally, add schedules to the academic calendar.

This claim was promoted by students along with Lilo to the left. The support of hundreds of students indicates that it was an important demand to return to face-to-face attendance, but the authorities voted in favor of abandonment. After hours of discussion, it was decided to agree to extend the school year and add schedules to the calendar, but nothing to extend the regularity. With little time to defend what the students were arguing, the board closed the session after the refusal, leaving no possibility of retaining the topics the students needed so much to advance.

What brings us back to face-to-face lessons?

After the many difficulties and obstacles that were presented to us during the pandemic and after the worsening economic crisis, many of us had to look for additional jobs to cover the rent, which increased significantly, and increase electricity and gas not to mention food and ticket. The return to co-ed classes means that not only do we have to have the necessary hardware and sufficient internet for virtual classes, but we now also have to charge the citizen, in the case of colleagues who live far away, buy the subscription and save for a sandwich, not to mention copies and notes.

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In this framework, we came back to the fore and realized that we are no longer in the sleeve as before. When we ask or talk to other groups, they tell you that they dropped out of college because times don’t give them work or because they don’t meet to get the ticket. In other cases, they have children and you don’t give them the times or they went straight to higher education because the system required by the college is too complicated to follow.

The data was actually released from the university’s rector’s office where they realized there was a 30% dropout rate across the UNT two years into the pandemic. Let’s add to this that enrollment in 2022 was just 290 students, two-thirds lower than in pre-pandemic years. In the face of all this, what are the college authorities doing?

Fernandez’s administration arranges expulsion policies

In the framework of the university elections where the rector is also elected, the Department of Natural Sciences led by Hugo Fernández presents a list of the vice-chancellor along with Jiménez, the current dean of economics, and gives way to the Isla-Nassif formula as dean and vice-chancellor of the college. As is known, the list has already received the approval of Chief of Staff Mansour at the national level, and is even cooperating with Campero with the mayor of Yerba Buena. That is, with references from everyone’s front and together for a change, what good can be expected?

As we saw yesterday, neither the ruling bloc nor the bloc that is said to be opposing Abdullah Susman is looking for a solution to the problem of desertion, but rather continues to maintain a line of adjustment where falling budgets increasingly shrink the faculty and leave hundreds of students adrift year after year.

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Let’s organize ourselves so that studying remains a right and not a privilege

In this half of the audience, we need appropriate procedures that give appropriate answers to students, whether for those of us who work, have people in charge, or from another county. Safe return, in virtual cases, security devices, internet and scholarships must be ensured so that no one has to leave. The course system is a must that includes optional time slots for those who work and continues to maintain historical requirements such as the student dining room and comprehensive scholarships.

For all this, it is necessary to have a budget that covers educational bodies in different time periods, with salaries according to the basic basket, a budget for larger infrastructure and basic materials for study and research, so that more and more of us have access to education. Contrary to what the current authorities were managing it.