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Ordizia-El Salvador and Alcobendas-Science: Four Champions in the King's Cup

Ordizia-El Salvador and Alcobendas-Science: Four Champions in the King’s Cup

And theThis weekend’s semi-finals of Del Rey CupThe final will be held at La Cartuja stadium in Seville on May 1. Ambu Ordesia-Silverstorm El Salvador (Saturday at 4:00 pm) and Lexus Alcobendas-Enerside Sciences (Sunday 1:00 p.m.) They choose to be the ones to decide the title. Matches can be followed on the LaLiga app.

It’s been nine years since Ambo Ordesia played (and won) its last cup final. They then played the semi-finals against VRAC Quesos Entrepinares. Now their opponents are their neighbors from Silver Storm El Salvador, the current leaders of the Honor Division.

Julien Joya (Ambo Ordyzia)

“This year the league is closed more and disputed Start. From fourth, where we are, there’s very little margin for error first. Winning or losing can move you up or down 2-3 positions. Our recent victory over VRAC was a key factor for us to face the semi-finals with optimism and faith in the work we were doing,” Julian Goya Captain Ordeziara, in comments to FER. However, he is still competing for the wing due to a knee problem that occurred last month in Orbeta against Guernica.

“It was a very complicated injury, especially given the moment I arrived: in the midst of the World Cup qualifiers and in the very important matches with the club. I can say that I am already seeing the light. At the end of the tunnel, I followed the rehabilitation protocol, but now it is the coaching staff and doctor Those who have the last word. Of course, the player always wants to play.”

In Ordizia, severe corrective that Shami He recently dropped them into the league (47-26), although winger XV del León predicts Saturday’s duel will not be like that. “We had an epidemic of injuries and 13 youngsters from under 23 players, some regular players and others not so many, traveled to face a very difficult match. Fortunately, the squad was completed this weekend. Add to what we played in Altamira. This always gives us an added advantage. We must not forget that this year we were not defeated in our field.”

Despite this, Goia envisions a balanced stake in its development. “Because the semi-finals are played in one match, anything can happen. The team that makes the fewest unforced errors, the team that adapts best to the referee and the conditions of the field, and the team that gets the most possession, will win the game for me without underestimating the importance of the game. stages fixedboth mel and touche, and every ruck.”

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Victor Sanchez (Silver Storm El Salvador)

since Shami He won his last trophy, in 2016, he saw the cross on the coin four times. Mashhad An Victor Sanchez And his sick companions hope to return this weekend in the Basque Country.

We are a group Ambition Our goal is always to be in the finals. We worked all week to also be in this year and cross that streak. We know that the local fans are putting a lot of pressure on us, but there will be a large number of young fans supporting us,” commented the second international line from El Salvador.

Like his teammate, the forward from Salamanca feels a different match than the one the two teams played weeks ago. “Anyone who follows our league knows very well that winning the Altamira is very important complicated. In the last game in Pepe Rojo we were able to play our game and get a good lead. Obviously our goal is to try and iterate, but this is final and therefore a number He hits Punishment will certainly be one of the biggest indicators. Another way is to take control of the stationary phases, and from there, ensure that our attack does not stop.”

Last Sunday’s defeat against Santboyana, the first of the season in their hometown, was a setback for Shami’s strong hopes that the attackers would not have an impact on AMPO. “Losing at home is always difficult, but the Saint Boys players had a great game and we have to congratulate them for that. Analyze it Our weaknesses and we are working so that the same mistakes are not repeated on Saturday.”

Sante Ofjiro (Alcobendas)

The Lexus Alcobendas RugbyAnd he established himself as the new King of Cups. His three consecutive titles attest to this. With the memory of his great victory over Aparadores (37-13) last year at Carlos Belmonte Stadium in the simple Agate is still fresh, and faces a semi-final duel against the burgeoning Enerside Science. His goal is to repeat the cup before winning his first league.

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“It’s true that for us it’s a really important competition because we won it Para Three years ago he was the first to win the Alcobendas after 16 years. Those three titles were an important emotional boost to continue competing at the highest level. The cup we made strong As a team, he made us dream of putting the club on top. And in that we continue, ”explains Santi Oviejiro.

lately defeats The league matches at home against El Salvador and Cisneros showed their most vulnerable side, ironically having racked up as many as six victories. “We didn’t get there well, it’s the truth. We still need to finish matches, the league is very competitive this year. People come together really well, there is a much higher level and if you lose your mind for a minute, you end up paying for it”, admits the striker The Spanish international, although he believes that the change competition Enough for the group to modify chip. “We love to play these matches. We are good in the King’s Cup, so I’m sure you won’t see the same copenda from these two defeats, at least in terms of behavior and commitment.”

Lexus has done a careful analysis in the past few days. “We had a lot Lack of disciplineTaking a lot of punches and wanting to do things we’re not used to. These additional failures prevented us from finishing the last games at home, not forgetting that we have a rather short squad. will try to shout All in front of science.

The chestnut heel anticipates an even duel where the famous “little detail” will lead one of the contenders to the final. “I think the match will cook into the attacking game. I’m sure we have Deal You play a good game because the science team is very strong and they have great and strong people. It will definitely be determined by a point or two.”

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Axel Papa (Enerside Sciences)

On the sidewalk of science, optimism and ambition overflow from every pore. The club celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and the possibility of fighting for its first cup title since 1996 in the warmth of its Los Angeles fans. charterhouse. More than enough arguments for the disciples of Manu Mazu to get it all out to Las Terrazas. “There is no doubt that this semi-final has a Stimulate Extra for us in such a special year for science.”

After arriving last summer in the Andalusian capital from VRAC, the Argentine wing of the science team quickly got to know the game dynamics of the Sevillians. “I came with high expectations and luckily the goals were achieved. Objectives established. Personally, I feel much better and in full growth. have formed Group Very good in sports and in human terms.”

Besides the potential of the Lexus Alcobenda, the good picture and the excellent dynamics of the results of the people from Seville (6 victories in the last 7 duels of the dirham) raise their expectations. “We found the beginning of the season with a team made up mostly of new players, and as the dates went by, we were able to make a team Normal. So we can say that this semi-final finds us in a very good moment,” notes the former three-quarters cheesemaker, who has not yet forgotten the cup loss he suffered to those from the north of the capital, with Posellanos, a couple of years ago.

“Yes. Personally, it was difficult to lose the semi-final, but as in life, in sports there is always rematch. We know it will be a tough match and, above all, playing at home. The Alcobendas have been a very regular team in recent years. Ha Superior Important things and we put together a great team, but we had a great team that was showing it week after week. Not forgetting the additional spices held in the final at La Cartuja. All this together will make us do our best on Sunday to get to that stage.”