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Nearly a billion pesos for science

Nearly a billion pesos for science

$927 billion for science and technology

The most advanced countries have a synchronous characteristic: they allocate significant resources to scientific research, which allows them to advance in the goal of generating knowledge and added value and increasing their competitiveness.

It is clear that this policy is not easy to implement in emerging economies. However, Colombia has begun to take concrete steps in this direction. Proof of this is that last Friday the Collective Authority for Management and Decision (OCAD) for Science, Technology and Innovation approved six calls for the 2023-2024 Biennial Plan for the Public Royalties System, for an amount exceeding $927 billion.
The Minister of Science Yesenia Aliya celebrated the approval of the terms of reference for the calls. “This step taken by OCAD is crucial so that the actors of the national science, technology and innovation system can develop projects that are in line with mission-oriented research and innovation policies, addressing issues such as the human right to food, energy transition, health sovereignty, among others. This is how we move towards the practical application of science to solve regional challenges.
At the end of the meeting, Evaldo Torres Chávez, Rector of the University of Pamplona and President of OCAD, invited public higher education institutions to participate in these invitations. It is a success that the resources of royalties reach the regions through the Ministry of Science in collaboration with regional entities and universities, which are at the service of society.