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Sesión ordinaria en el Congreso CDMX.

La Jornada – UNAM researchers awarded the Medal of Merit in Science 2021

Mexico City. The Capital Conference will present the 2021 Medal of Merit in Science “Eng. Mario Molina Pasquale” to researcher in the Institute of Astronomy and academic at the United Nations University School of Science, Julieta Fierro Gusman and researcher at the Genomics Center. Science from the same house of studies, Mara Esperanza Martinez Romero.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Committee of the local legislature approved a draft opinion in which it was agreed to posthumously hand over the recognition to the astrobiologist of the United Nations Mission in Namibia’s Nuclear Science Institute collaborating with the US Aeronautics Agency. and NASA, Rafael Navarro Gonzalez, who died of Covid-19 on January 28, 2021.

The Chairman of the Committee, Christian Moctezuma Gonzalez, of Morena, explained that for the three categories mentioned in the call, 15 applications had been received corresponding to 11 nominations for women, two for men and two others for legal entities, including the Authority. The judge conducted an objective analysis, “by adhering to technical, not political, criteria.”

Fierro Gossman will receive recognition in the category of projects or works that modify the technological field, with a demonstrated contribution to science and technology and whose conduct is an example of devotion to his scientific profession. The then Legislative Assembly (ALDF) awarded the Citizen’s Merit Medal, among many other awards it received from national and international institutions and organizations such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO) and the Astrophysical Center in Trieste, Italy.

The authority decided to award the medal to Martinez Romero in the category of scientific research in the field of natural, exact and social sciences, his study, teaching and research work.

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It also belongs to the National Scholars System and coordinates the Genomic Sciences degree at UNAM, which specializes in the study of beneficial bacteria for plants and has published a guide to biofertilizer use for farmers.

Rafael Navarro González, who died Jan. 28 last year, worked with the team of NASA scientists who worked with the Curiosity exploration robot that was sent to Mars, and in recognition of it, the US government agency has named the Martian mountain after an astrobiologist.

Navarro notably worked on developing the Sample Analysis System at Mars (SAM), a mobile laboratory that reviewed the chemistry of the soil, rock, and air of Mars and the category that Congress will posthumously recognize are discoveries, contributions, and proposals.