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What majors took the longest to sell?

What majors took the longest to sell?

Applicants to MIR 2022.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeryAnd the dermatology And the cardiology. These were the “star” specialties in the last call to get to Professional health training (FSE), where nearly half of the spaces were sold out before the number 5000 picked. They were selected by MIR applicants with higher order numbers and it didn’t take long for them to finish with all the places on offer. However, while these majors closed the quota in the early days of operation, others had to Wait until the end of the award To fill all the places in it

With filter set 9854, Call MIR 2021. Candidate exhausted quota Family and community medicine; An area with an initial offer of 2,338 vacancies, two less than the current call. Preventive medicine and public health It was positioned as the second major with the longest delay in completion with vacancies, 107, by allocating its last places to candidate 9576.

The third, in line, was work medicine, which completed the operation by order number 9,430. In total, 102 places were submitted in this region that witnessed a Five vacancies increased compared to the current MIR.

Less Attractive Specialties for MIRs

After occupational medicine Clinical analysiswhich ended with 26 vacancies after the election of 9,403 applicants; Microbiology and Parasitology, which completed the process by awarding the 44th position to Physician 9183; And the Clinical Biochemistrywhich closed the share of the four places offered by order No. 8771.

Clinical pharmacologywith 19 seats offered in the 2021 invitation, the quota closed with a candidate 8621, while geriatrics He did it with 8.584. In total, 95 places were offered in this area, seven less than this year.

histopathologywith 122 places in 2021, completed the process with 7,988 applicants and Clinical Neurophysiologywith 54 vacancies available, the quota has been exhausted with application number 7970, closing the list of the 10 majors that took the longest places to exhaust places in the 2021 MIR call.

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