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The academic community of chemists of the Ciudad Real campus honors Professor de Lucas Martinez on the occasion of his retirement – University News

Professor of chemical engineering at the University of University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) Anthony Lucas Martinez He received appreciation, affection and applause from his colleagues from the College of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute of Environmental Chemical Technology (ITQUIMA) during the honoring ceremony they presented to him on the occasion of his retirement, after a long academic career devoted to teaching, research and management. In this act, a plaque bearing the name of the Aerospace Experimental Plant “Antonio D Lucas Martinez“,

It came from Lucas Martinez to Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Technologies of Ciudad Real In 1989, from Complutense University of Madridand was responsible for directing Department of Chemical Engineering from UCLM during the first five years of its existence. From the first moment he considered UCLM his university, as he himself admitted at the packed event held in the atrium of ITQUIMA in which various academic bodies, friends and family participated in what was “a clear sign of affection and gratitude”.

Participants, in their various interventions, referred to Professor de Lucas Martínez as a person who is “effective”, “demanding”, “practical”, “always ready to offer his assistance and expertise to his professional and academic family”, and “a real professor who leaves an indelible mark” and who He achieved “great successes” for this university.

Among those in attendance, the dean of UCLM, Julian GardHe highlighted Professor Antonio de Lucas, known in the academic field by everyone as Tony, for his “extremely charismatic personality, intellectually, academically and humanely”. Likewise, he said of himself that he is one of the “most important people in the history of our university” and “a clear example of generosity”, having trained 21 university professors in his research group, which “requires time and knowledge”.

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Along with the university’s president, the former deans intervened in the act Luis Arroyo -by video- Ernesto Martinez and Miguel Angel Collado; Dean of the College of Chemical Sciences and Technologies, Manuel Rodrigo; Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCLM, Juan Francisco Rodriguez; ITQUIMA Director, Manuel Carmona; So are friends and family.

PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Complutense University of Madrid and the Management Improvement Program from IESE at University of NavarraHe held the position of Vice-Chancellor of the University for 13 years in different areas. He has authored 25 specialized books, four of which are in the field of applied economics, has published 274 scientific articles, the majority of which are in international high-impact index journals, has participated in 58 competitive research and technology development projects and has been the director of 30 doctoral dissertations, eight of which have European or international mention. Accumulating a long research career in chemical and environmental technologies, Professor de Lucas Martinez has admitted seven six-year research activity periods. Collaboration between the university and the company has been among her main areas of interest and her professional work has been recognized with numerous awards and recognitions.