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surprising America by sending Fidalgo to the bench; Akeno will start

In Chivas he did not repeat the lottery and in America the modernity is Pedro Aquino To dispute in the first leg of Clausura semi-finals 2023 there is chance Akron Stadium.

Technical, Philco Paulownitchwent to the trusted old and They decided to return nearly eleven wins over the 1-0 AtlasAnd He just removed Fernando Gonzalez to let in Eduardo Torres, And he keeps Antonio Briceño as a central defender and Gilberto Orozco as a left back.

America surprises by sending Alvaro Fidalgo to the bench

for eagles, Fernando Ortiz moved him into the lineup and put in Pedro Aquino For a start, an item that had almost no minutes, To send Alvaro Fidalgo to the bench.

Leo Suarez also appears from the start because l Alexander Zendegas They took him little by little after he was wounded and Tanu decided not to expose him.

Guadalajara goes with Miguel Jimenez in target. Orozco, Briseño, Gilberto Sepúlveda, and Alan Mozo in defence. Torres, Fernando Beltran and Victor Guzman go in midfieldabove, Isaac Brizuela, Roberto Alvarado, and Alexis Vega.

For America, Luis Ángel Malagón goes to the target Luis Fuentes, Israel Reyes, Sebastian Caceres, and Miguel Lane.

Aquino, Valdes, Richard Sanchez and Suarez, leaving to Jonathan Rodriguez W for julio hero, Henry Joshua Martin.

With these alliances, Chivas and América will try to take advantage In the first leg of the semi-finals, in a duel starting at 8:10 p.m. at Akron Stadium; La Vuelta will be on Sunday at 8:00 pm at Estadio Azteca.

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