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“it’s bad.”  Cabrera showed his outstanding abilities against the Nationals

“it’s bad.” Cabrera showed his outstanding abilities against the Nationals

MIAMI – The Marlins’ right-hander Edward Cabrera has the ability to lead any turnover. However, his problem with throwing strikes was what prevented him from reaching his peak.

But for the first time in his young league career, Cabrera went at least five innings without a walk-in Miami win 4-3 On Wednesday against the Nationals at Depot Park Loan. In this way, the Marlins earned their third straight win, which puts them above . 500 for the first time since May 3.

“This is the mission we wanted to do: attack the area,” Cabrera said. “It’s an important part of my game and I think that’s what I’ve been doing. I feel proud that I didn’t walk today.”

Starting on Wednesday, the Dominicans have not been able to control the attack area. He walked 30—the third-most in the majors—and his 7.6 BB/9 average was second highest, second only to Royals right-hander Brad Keeler (8.3 BB/9) to pitch with at least 30 runs pitched.

In his final start against D linebacker on May 10, Cabrera scored five in three scoreless innings before collapsing in the fourth quarter, walking four and denying an RBI single.

On Wednesday, the only thing that could stop the pitcher was a blister on his right middle finger. Head coach Skip Schumacher said the club decided to sack him after just 79 games due to the Dominicans’ history with blisters.

“It’s amazing,” added Luis Aries, who reached 500 career hits with two home runs in the eighth. Edward sucks. Throws 97 miles per hour. It has a speed of 94 miles per hour. If he can control the area and throw more strikes, he’ll do well. But it’s bad.”

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Cabrera’s change of heart on Wednesday, compared to the rest of the season: