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Summary of the match Santos vs Tijuana (3-2). Objectives

In a duel in which the goalkeepers appeared Carlos Acevedo and Tonio Rodriguez will be the championsFinally, they could not stop the opposing strikers, who showed impressive goals; Santos left with a 3-2 victory over Zulus de Tijuana.

The goals took time to come towards the end of the first half, but once the first goal came, the forwards sharpened their aim for more. Everything was revealed after the flood of Omar Campos In the 38th minute on the left side as the first important warning.

And once they had the dangerous game, the rest was a matter of time: Santos’ first goal came from a mistake by defender Jair Diaz, at the end of the first half. One from Tijuana lost the ball to PreciadoAnd who unleashed a powerful shot and Tonio Rodriguez pulled away to a corner kick.

This middle was in a deadly constant tactic, because goalkeeper Rodriguez wanted to distract him, but putting his hand in it only allowed him to reach the center of the area, where Javier Correa finished off the popcorn to make it 1-0. Correa himself scored two stunning one-on-one goals in the second half to make it 2-1.

Xolos had to react twice

Miguel Herrera had to move his squad, as he lost defender Rodrigo Parra to injury early in the match; This is why Diaz entered, who took a long time to settle down As evidenced by the error v. Preciado.

In any case, the goals came in favor of the Xolos, thanks to a fine volley from Alexis Canelo, who puts the ball into the corner after a filter pass Lucas Rodriguez at 1-1. Great goal!

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Then they found a 2-2: a great play by Lucas Cavallini for Rodriguez, who tapped it in Playing against the wall and before Carlos Acevedo left, he only sent a shot Click the goalkeeper to score the equalizer.

Santos found a goal with Mateus Doria

When it looked like everything could end in a draw, a corner kick came again in favor of Santos; Again it was two touchdowns, only this time from a Warriors player In the first place, it was enough to leave the ball at the mercy of Mateus Doria, who finished the match to make it 3-2.

In this way, Santos concluded the 11th round with a victory and moved to the eighth place in the standings, While the Xolos de Tijuana will have to wait for their next home game against Toluca to straighten the course.