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Summary of the match between America and Toluca (5-1).  Objectives

Summary of the match between America and Toluca (5-1). Objectives

to America to Andre Jardin Nothing scares him, no one worries him, he simply behaves week after week like a great team, as if it were a well-oiled Swiss clockwork. he Tolucawho on paper was the one he could compete with, was beaten and humiliated 5-1 at the Estadio Azteca and “Jardineta” is already the solo leader.

Before the devils, The Eagles were playing for the lead And a bit of confidence for the match the next day Against Pumasa Mexico City Classic tournament that will undoubtedly be another test for America, which is heading towards the fifteenth star in Liga MX and towards eighth place in CONCACAF.

Jardine's América makes soccer look easytheir opponents can rack their brains most of the time to decipher it, and even if their playing style is illogical, no one can stop them.

These were the goals of the America vs. Toluca

The first goal for Diego Valdez It was an example of how America plays “Jogo Bonito”, and although Toluca reacted quickly with an equalizer from Juan Dominguez, Paiva and his boys They could not contain the power of azulcrema.

America was not at all afraid of Satan's reaction, as it knew how to expel the game and with it Henry Martin goals The second of the night from Diego Valdes put Satan on the ropes who didn't know what to do.

In the second half The Azteca looked like an offshoot of Nemesio Diez With a lot of people wearing red, but the American has its essence, which is what the team carries to the field because they succeeded in securing the match without despair.

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When Toluca played Diablo best Luis Ángel Malagón appeared to himwho made a great save on two shots that could have given the Mexicans the equalizer that would have made the night a decent one.

After the Talisman Angel came out, Toluca was a one hundred percent dedicated team, and that was after that Julian Quiñones' duo arrived In the second half, the choriceros were thus completely killed.

Before long, America will have a full week to work and prepare for the match against the Pumas, the last Clasico this team will ever need. He moved to Pachuca in the CONCACAF semifinals.