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Summary of the match between Monterrey and Tigres (3-3).  Objectives

Summary of the match between Monterrey and Tigres (3-3). Objectives

When everything was pointing to that Tigers Have done the homework to take Classic Reggio 135 At BBVA, when you're done Eight minutes Compensation time, central governance, Cesar Ramos did not want to blow the whistle in the 98th minuteHe gave minutes to the match and about 100' The equalizer reached Monterrey3-3 that left the Cats very upset because they felt what happened Saturday at Steel Giant was a steal.

The Auriazules ended up badly upset, while the gang's fans celebrated in the stands; Stealing or not, the truth is so It was a great match, one that Tigres and Rayados haven't played in a long time..

These were the goals of the Monterrey vs. Tigers

In 55 seconds, Tigres got ahead on the scoreboard, and Rayados was woken up early when Javier Aquino, regardless of Gerardo Arteaga's mark, sent a cross into the six-yard box, as Sebastian Vegas was unable to cut out that pass, which It was left to Juan Brunetta to make it 1-0The clasp closes comfortably.

While the Cats were celebrating, the local voice mentioned that it was Andre-Pierre Gignac, then that it was No. 8 (Fernando Gurriarán), then finally Juan Ramon Palacios said it right, stating that it was Brunetta with No. 11 on his back.

The equalizer soon came

It didn't take long for the steel giant to explode, because in the seventh minute of the match Sergio Canales sent a cross into the penalty area. Luis Romo, who set it 1-1.

Controversial move

In the 21st minute, Brunetta tried to intercept a pass inside the penalty area, but the ball hit his hand, and after a minute, the World Cup referee Cesar RamosHe went to VAR, but there he analyzed that the ball hit the leg of the tricky player first, so he reported it. It was not a penalty for Rayados.

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At times, the dangerous plays in the match stopped, and neither Brandon Vazquez nor Gignac appeared, due to the good defensive work of both teams, which led to both scorers being left out.

Playful! Gignac-Herrera-Guriaran

Six minutes were added to the first half and compensation had already taken place, as the match took place The Tigers took advantage again; Ozil Herrera created the blocking wall with Gignac, who left the ball to his colleague to send a cross from the right side inside the six-yard area, where Fernando Gurriarán came on to bring the score to 2-1.

Once again, wake up early!

With only 34 seconds left in the second half Tigres woke up early again on RayadosAs happened at the beginning of the meeting. Now it was André-Pierre Gignac who provided the assist for the goal, as he controlled the ball from the left side and passed the ball to Brunetta, who entered the area and faced goalkeeper Esteban Andrada, who passed the ball between his legs for the goal. Goal 3-1.

While Monterrey was in the 51st minute, they missed a goal that would have brought them closer at that moment, after Brandon received a leaked ball and when one-on-one with Felipe Rodriguez, he beat him, but his high shot went into the goal. side of the target.

next to, Robert Dante Siboldi decided to make a move at 56 minutesHe took Gignac off the field and gave the minutes to Nico Ibanez, and at the same time sent Jesus Garza in place of Marcelo Flores.

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Monterey agreed to the distance

Rayados entered the match with a score of 3-2 The goal was scored in the 61st minute by artAgaHe received the ball at the far post and beat Felipe Rodriguez there without any problem, which made the Piazzolle fans support them with their cheers from the stands.

There was a sudden and inexplicable move for many, by removing Brandon and replacing Rodrigo Aguirre in the 69th minute, the same minute in which Curcho Rodriguez left, leaving his place to Omar Gouveia. Another notable change for Tigres was when Sebastián Córdova came on for Brunetta.

The closing was heartfelt and claimed by Gignac

Since Gignac's passing The Frenchman was very upset, first with Siboldi and then with his teammates, rising from the bench to give instructions and reprimand them, just as if he were the team's coach; And this is it Rayados was pressingSearching for an equaliser, even Berteram came close to equalising, but Felipe blocked a shot from close range.

Tigres defended with all their might in the final minutes, and Felipe saved a wonderful shot and Borrata saved on the goal line, in the 98th minute, and Esteban Andrada was already looking for the shot as it was supposed to be the last chance, but They did not count the referee's decision to add another minute.

The Cats had scored the fourth goal in a counterattack, taking advantage of Andrada's fall, and Nico Ibanez reached the opponent's area, but Jordi Cortizo intervened to prevent the Cats from hurting themselves.

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And what seemed unbelievable, It was 3-3 thanks to Germain Berteram, after a corner kick was taken when that extra minute that Ramos had already added had expired. Thus, the tie ended in the 99th minute after 24 seconds, and the Tigres players, including Siboldi, clashed with the referee, as nearly two minutes had passed after what they initially said they would add. For many, great closure, for others, theft.