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Aaron Judge's 114 mph home run puts the Yankees ahead

Aaron Judge's 114 mph home run puts the Yankees ahead

Sunday from Big leagues April 14 couldn't start off in a better way New York Yankees. Aaron the judge He showed his strength with a powerful strike cleveland.

The judge did not wait long Progressive field To issue the ruling, and when the third episode came out, he was punished Guardians With a swing that produced three runs for the New Yorkers.

yankees He took the field for the third and final game of the series, which began a doubleheader due to weather restrictions last Friday.

Forces of Aaron Boone I took the first two before Guardians They came out this Sunday intending to sweep the entire series.

For this duel, Aaron the judge He once again lined up at third in the offensive pecking order and at quarterback. From the Cuban nose Nestor Cortes Jr He was responsible for facing rival bats.

Aaron Judge's mansion silenced Cleveland

The third half of New York Yankees I started with Oswaldo Cabrera Awarded the first of the inning. But immediately Anthony Volpe Negotiated ticket and Juan Soto He accompanied him alone to put himself in the corners and make room Aaron the judge.

Logan Allen,opener Guardians-Try to stop the hitter from yankeesbut Judge On the first pitch, he showed his power by hitting a brilliant hit right where the ball flew 114 mph.

The ball traveled deep into left field and landed 450 feet. In this way, he hit three home runs for the year and nine RBIs. Additionally, he averaged .214 in 56 at-bats until the home run duel.

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