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Tigres, you feel affected and attacked by the refereeing!

Tigres, you feel affected and attacked by the refereeing!

Rayados equalized for Tigres in the 99th minute, with 24 seconds remaining, when the referee blew the final whistle for the 135th Royal Clásico in the 99th minute, before executing the corner kick that started the game with a 3-3 goal.

The players and technical staff complained to Cesar Ramos and said that they had “stolen” the decision to add eight minutes and then another minute, and they were not satisfied with that, they continued playing until they reached nearly 100 minutes of play.

In view of this, Tigres did not remain silent and issued a statement to its fans in which it confirmed that they were frustrated because they were affected by the arbitration, not only in El Clásico, but since the previous tournament.

Tigres impressed in the final with America and in the Clasico Reggio

In the Apertura 2023 tournament, the most memorable was Raimundo Fulgencio's sending off in the second half of the final against América in Azteca, which left Tigres weakened due to their lack of matches and thus losing the title on the line.

Now the refereeing controversy has been revived with the Clasico Reggio, as Rayados' equalizer fell after the expiry of the nine minutes added as extra time.

Tigres had already launched the complaint, not wanting to remain silent any longer and sent the statement to her people so that they would be aware of what they had informed the federation and the jury.

“To our fans: We want to let you know that we, like you, the players, the management and the coaching staff of Tigres, are very frustrated by how much the refereeing decisions have affected us since the previous tournament. We have told the Mexican Football League repeatedly.”, The Mexican Football Federation and the refereeing committee disagree Not only with the different actions during matches, but also with the different positions and attacks on our players, the main goal is always to continue to support the construction of “better officiating, not better officiating”. Not only for the sake of our organization, but for the sake of all Mexican football, we will continue to work within our responsibility for a fairer football for all. It is time to join forces as an organization and we always thank them for their unparalleled support.

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