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Colombia National Team: Analysis of the Good, Bad and Ugly Friendly Matches Against Guatemala and Mexico Can Lorenzo |  Colombia Choice

Colombia National Team: Analysis of the Good, Bad and Ugly Friendly Matches Against Guatemala and Mexico Can Lorenzo | Colombia Choice

The expected start of Nestor Lorenzo’s era in the Colombian national team, the one called in to pull us out of the terrible night of elimination from the Qatar World Cup and the revenge of the 2026 Cup, happened in a very big way. Generous balance of score but with several controversial fronts in the game and its strategy.

The Argentine has won the two agreed-upon friendlies in this FIFA history, 4-1 against Guatemala and 3-2 against Mexico, the latter with a comeback that included, being faithful to some ideas but frankly another opposition, directly exposed in the press. presented conferences. This was the good, bad and ugly double history of FIFA:

The good

1- Substitution. It seemed like quantum physics every time there was talk of players with a great drop in international football, who combined experience, international contact, talent and youth and asked for an idea in a bigger team. Today, everything can be verified in the figures of Luis Sinistera, Jorge Carrascal, and even John Gader-Duran. In fact, as well as other young but more cohesive ones like Luis Diaz and Rafael Santos Puri, it is clear that there is no reason to force them to continue to line up behind the veterans but it is time to take up responsibilities and stop being. Second line musicians. Lorenzo clearly showed that the veteran is not a restricted jacket and that they know how to get them out if that gives them enough confidence.

2- Motivation raises the level of everyone. If there’s one thing that teams Queiroz and Rueda lack, it’s spirit, rebellion, and fire at their legs when things go wrong. This appears to be getting better now. The aforementioned youngsters injure others with their ambition and this is how Cuadrado or Barrios are seen to be very far from their level in the first half against Mexico but are being re-armed in the second half, the first in an indoor position that seems to suit him better, the second with a fantastic mid-range goal , intended for those who believe it is flint.

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3- There is a goal! It should be the main news. In two matches, 7 goals were scored, the same number of times the team went without scoring, and this was the seed of Qatar’s elimination. And three of those goals were revelations from Luis Sinistera, and even worse, from Bury and Asbrella, the attackers, a major event. They were always there, rowing some from the youth teams, but only now they have the confidence. If they give them more responsibility, what?


1. The experiment serves as a limitation. Capitalizing on the experience of players who have fallen behind in the World Cup twice, is one thing, to show them that they still have a lot to play for despite their current situation and the confidence that with this management they will bear the fruits that never came. The failed road to Qatar. The other thing is to force yourself to put seven of the eleven World Cup players against Guatemala and against Mexico just to prove the theory, without taking into account the reality of men like James and Falcao, very influential and historical but far from their best physical shape, or worse than Alzate, who never He goes above and beyond to be possible with Queiroz, Rueda and now Lorenzo. It is similar to the Uribe case. A lot of work awaits everyone if they want to continue on the rolls soon, because the missiles leading the attack today are waiting for no one.

2- The role of Luis Diaz. The euphoria would pass and he would keep writing the same unanswered question in his DT notebook: How do you surround the best man on the list to take advantage of it? He’d be excited to say it’s a team, if they wear Sinestra, Cuadrado or Puri, everything will be fine, that’s normal. but not. Diaz is still outside the attacking circle in which he was a big star at the last Copa America. Undoubtedly he improved whenever they could beside Puri, Sinistera, Carrascal… Could he be lacking in filming with those who would be his comrades in four years’ time? Maybe. The truth is that the matches go by and the doubts persist: it’s not that it’s not Liverpool’s game, it’s not Colombia last year. This is already a show in itself.

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3- He netted a lot of goals. Well, naturally the new coach will have no way of ensuring that a defensive zone is managed, which, although the players are the same players of the past six or seven years, need appropriate new ideas. In addition, the subsequent quartet was radically different from Guatemala to Mexico. But three goals in two matches is not a good sign and has to be dealt with from the start. Is it related to Ospina and his undisputed role? Yes and no. It would have been possible to train a bit more in this position considering he no longer saves in one of the five major leagues in the world. But you have to win the position. And the task is not easy.


James’s own net gesture against Guatemala led to memes. It doesn’t look good on him knowing it, but the haters don’t have the disrespect they often come to collect who knows what. He does not owe anyone anything. But he needs to learn to act like this, even when Falcao does not save him from the stake.

The interruption of the match against Mexico due to anti-gay shouting at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, is a warning sign for the fan who thinks paying a ticket entitles him to anything: tolerance for these discriminatory acts is zero worldwide and that’s non-negotiable. It’s worth stopping being funny.